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Yachting In Hong Kong 2020: 5 Good Reasons Why You Should Consider!

Yachting In Hong Kong 2020

Do you know that more than 10,000 people go on boating or yachting trips in Hong Kong every year? Why? Explore the reasons for yachting below!

For a land area of just 1,103km², Hong Kong has a coastline of 1178km and 263 islands. In other words, Hong Kong is surrounded by the sea. Therefore, it is not strange to see yachting as a common activities for many Hongkongers especially in the summer or during the weekend. Here we compile the top 5 reasons to rent a yacht in Hong Kong.

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Sailing in Hong Kong? 5 reasons why people enjoy doing that.

Sailing in Hong Kong? 5 reasons why people enjoy doing that.

We might not realize it here in Asia but sailing is actually very common in western countries such as France, Netherlands, Australia. There can be many kinds and purposes of sailing: sports, competition, cruising. Nevertheless, it can be one of the most exciting thing to do. We will talk about why people enjoying sailing below but if you want to go straight to the available sailing boats in Hong Kong, click here. So, why do people sail? A short list of reasons include:

  1. It is a good way to wind down
  2. It can be adventurous
  3. It helps build relationship and teamwork
  4. It helps you to be trained physically, mentally and spiritually
  5. It connects you with the nature
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Houseboat in Hong Kong: 4 reasons to rent a houseboat in 2020.

WHAT?? “House” and “Boat”? How do these two terms even come together? No worries, we will explain to you what a Houseboat is exactly below and why you should consider renting one.

You might be thinking what is a houseboat? It’s exactly what it sounds like, a boat that is modified into a house that is comfortable to live in. Houseboat in Hong Kong used to be common among the fishermen in the 1980s. When comparing the soaring rents and property prices in Hong Kong, it was considerably cheaper to live on a boat than a flat. However, the government had realized that soon and quickly implemented different policies to limit the use of houseboats as permanent residential space. That is why you don’t hear the term houseboat a lot in the past few decades. However, we are seeing the trend slowly coming back as people are being creative with the use of houseboat recently.

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5 Most Popular Boat or Yacht Types In Hong Kong – The 2020 Guide.

5 Most Popular Boat or Yacht Types In Hong Kong - The 2020 Guide.

“You are ready to go for sailing, you search the web and there are too many types of boats and yachts, you feel overwhelmed and not sure where to start from. You are ready to give up.”

Sounds familiar??? We know exactly what your struggle is! Therefore, we are here to break it down for you! We will explore the 5 major boat and yacht types in Hong Kong together!

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4 Interesting Trends of The Recreational Boat Chartering Industry in 2020.

4 Interesting Trends of The Recreational Boat Chartering Industry in 2020.

According to a report titled “Global Yachts Charter Market” done by TransparencyMarketResearch, the global yacht charter market is predicted to attain a value of US$14.987bn by the end of 2025. Asia Pacific countries such as Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia is expected to outpace other regions with its rising in economical power and attractive chartering destination. We see a continuous growing opportunity in the recreational boat chartering industry.

We observed and analysed our market for the past few years and came up with 5 possible trends and opportunities in the recreational boat chartering industry moving forward.

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Top 3 Recommended All-Inclusive Night Junk Boat Party Packages in Hong Kong

Are you unsure of how to organize the perfect night junk party?

Looking at all the different night junk party search results, but don’t know where to start from?

What is the best route for a night junk party?

Are food and beverages, and activities included in all these packages?

Don’t worry! We understand all your questions and concerns. Thus, this blog will tackle all your worries and inquiries, while offering you the best and most suitable ALL-INCLUSIVE night junk party deals for you!

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4 Great Places to Eat Seafood in Hong Kong

What comes up to your mind when people talk about Hong Kong seafood restaurants? Sai Kung? Lamma Island? Lei Yue Mun? Or Aberdeen? Although these places are all famous for their seafood, without doubt, they are all pretty far from the urban area. Thus, it may take a while to get to these places if you want to enjoy their seafood dishes.

However, I believe most of us wouldn’t want to spend most of our time on transportation, right? So, what is the most convenient way of getting to these 4 great seafood places and enjoy your delicious seafood meal? Have you ever thought of getting there by a delicate and luxury yacht? You will not only save time from commuting, but also get to enjoy the scenery of the Victoria Harbor! You will not be able to get this experience if you choose other transportation methods! Continue Reading

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Where to Eat in Aberdeen Hong Kong – Local Traditional Fish Noodles

When people mention about Aberdeen, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Ocean Park? Nam Kee? Jumbo Seafood Kingdom? Or the unique but rarely seen boat noodles? I believe if you asked people who live outside Aberdeen, they may respond with the first few options.

However, if you asked the Aberdeen residents, they will probably reply with, “Aberdeen is all about boat noodles!

I guess most of you have heard about boat noodles before, but what actually is boat noodles? How is it different from the typical noodles? And where can you actually get them in Aberdeen?

Although boat noodles may not be as common as other Hong Kong representative food, (such as pineapple buns and egg tarts), the history of boat noodles is just as important and unique! Continue Reading

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Top Things to Do & Best Seafood Restaurant in Aberdeen

What’s the first thing that comes up to your mind when someone talks about having a staycation in Hong Kong? Most people would probably think of Lamma Island or Cheung Chau first, as  these places seem to be more relaxing than the urban area. Yet, spending your weekend in Aberdeen is not a bad idea either! Aberdeen actually has a lot of nice restaurants and places to go as well. Not only that, you can even spend your weekend on the newly launched houseboat!

Aberdeen being one of the most historical harbors of Hong Kong, the cultural atmosphere here is definitely unique. Boat noodles, Sampan, Jumbo Floating Restaurant, and Ap Lei Chau Main Street are all representing the uniqueness of Aberdeen. Continue Reading