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The Ultimate Guide for Hong Kong Junk Boat Price Check 

It is definitely a good news for junk party lovers in Hong Kong! The English version of Yacht.holimood.com has been online since May 2017! Price comparison and availability check for different junk packages had been headache for many junk party hosts for long. With the easy price and availability checking function provided by holimood, you can find your dream boat within your budget in a minute!

STEP 1: Visit https://en.yacht.holimood.com/

You can check all available boats by filling in your preference. Your sailing date, number of guests then click Search! OR

Check out our different categories of boat to get some inspiration! There are six in total which includes luxury yacht, cruiser, junk boat, sailing boat, event boat as well as speedboat.

Yacht party


In the searching result page, you can have a quick check on the photos, price, customers rating and review. The orange icons represent the key features of the boat package. If the boat with a yellow rocket icon, it means the availability has been updated in 24 hours.

STEP 2: Go into the details of each yacht

Choose the boat you are interested and check all the details. Like the pricing details, water games available, meals and etc.

yacht booking

TIPS for price checking:

Each yacht has their minimum charge but not minimum number of guest. There are two method to calculate the price. The first one is fixed pricing. The price is consistent no matter how many guests are there.

Second method (more popular one) is to charge base on the number of guests. These boats will contain a minimum charge(also called as standard guest number).

For example, the standard guest number for a boat is 25 people. No matter there are 2 guests or 25 guests, you still have to pay its minimum charge $8500. If the number of guests is greater than 25 people, you will be charged additionally for each person. (Example shown on the left)

STEP 3: Sorting and Advanced Search!

To further refine the search result, sorting and advanced search feature can save you a lot of time. You can sort out the packages with discount, highest rating as well as lowest price! If you want to host a cocktail party or find out a yacht package with speedboat, you can check out the advanced search function. Of course, more filters are available for refining your search.

STEP 4: Make comparison and be aware of the rules!

As boat owners have different pricing strategies, the cheapest one from the search result does not necessarily mean the best option with your budget. You may also need extra add-ons like speedboat, inflatable slides and lunch, so please check what is included and excluded (Free / Charged items). On the other hand, there are some rules applied to different boats. If you are planning to bring pets, hosting a DJ party with loud music or a dancing party, please do pay attention to the rules.

STEP 5 :Online Booking 

There are 2 ways for settling the payment. Credit Card (Visa, Master & Union Pay) & Bank Transfer. To confirm a booking, holimood will collect 30%-50% of the total as deposit (Deposit % varies between boats).

Credit Card Payment

After submitting the booking request via credit card, boat owners will double confirm the availability in 24 hours. If the owner accepts the booking, confirmation email will be sent to you immediately. Your credit card will only be charged when the booking is confirmed. Unfortunately, if your booking got rejected, your credit card would not be charged and you will receive a rejected email in a short time.

yacht booking online

you can book the yacht using your credit card!

Bank Transfer 

For bank transfer, you would received a hold confirmation email once the boat owners accept your booking request. You will have 24 hours to settle the payment. Please remember to forward the bank transfer receipt to our email/ whatsapp to confirm.

STEP 6 Holimood F&B options !

Apart from the menu provided by the boat owners, holimood also prepares a wide variety of F&B, from economic junk party set or deluxe seafood package, for you. If you are tired with the tedious logistic arrangement for drinks, our new delivery service can definitely save you a lot of time.

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