Sailboat – New Sailing Experience in Hong Kong

If a good holiday should accompany with the ocean,

then the best holiday should go along with a sailboat.

Whether it is a monohull or a catamaran, we can provide you a

special sailing experience.

A Chill Holiday above the ocean: Catamaran

Catamaran featuring two parallel hulls of equal size. The hulls can make the ship goes faster and reduces the movement caused by the wave.It also provides a spacy interior in the ship. Therefore You can see it in both sailing competition and luxury sailing boat.

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帆船 雙體船

With its elegant shape, you can enjoy your holiday with your family and friends.If you want to give a surprise to your loved one, we can arrange a romantic dinner package on one of our on one of our sailing boating. A catamaran should give you a unique holiday other than a normal yacht.

Classic Sailing experience: Monohull

Monohull is designed for higher capacity, although it is slower, it will give you a unique experience on the sea. The passenger may need to sit on one side of the boat to balance the gravity of the boating. How fun it will be to be a sailor in a sailing boat. We now offering a package for anyone who is interested in sailing a monohull. The package is suitable for learning sailing or hosting private yacht party.

帆船 雙體船

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