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Sai Kung Geopark Tour – best way to know more about HK

Sai Kung Volcanic Rock is a unique region of imposing rich geo-diversity of volcanic rocks. This famous Region includes the magnificent sea stacks on BluffIsland, the breathtaking wave abrasion landforms and sea caves on Wang Chau, the typical sea stacks, island reefs and wave-cut bays of Basalt Island, rare acidic volcanic hexagonal rock columns of High Island and marks of ancient lava flows on Sharp Island.

And with Holimood’s Sai Kung Geopark tour, you can enjoy views of the various geosites by staying comfortably on board.

Boarding at Sai Kung new public pier

Sai Kung is also known as the “back garden of Hong Kong”, and where the Hong Kong National Geopark is located.

It integrates the heritage of traditional rural customs with a modern city’s energy and drive. Behind the modern architecture, a lot of cultural heritage is retained in Sai Kung, such as the Hung Shing Temple, etc. In addition, most locals value traditional customs and festivals very much. Events and festivities which bring liveliness and colour to the district are frequently held.

In order to get onboard, we will meet you at Sai Kung new public pier at 8:45 am. Make sure you arrive in time!

Sai Kung boat Tour – Geopark

After boarding, the ship will go to Sharp Island first.

Sai Kung boat Tour – Geopark

Sharp Island: unique extrusive volcanic rocks

Sharp Island is also called as Kiu Tsui Beach. It is a partly bouldery and partly sandy beach, a great spot for kayaking, swimming and sunbathing.

As this is a geopark tour, we must introudce you to the famous and unique landscape of Sharp Island: extrusive volcanic rocks. These rocks are formed by solidification of cooled granitic magma extruded upon the ground surface and named for the iconic flowing lines.

Sai Kung boat Tour – Geopark

Another unique landscape in Sharp Island is the ‘Pineapple buns’. However, this “pineapple buns”, unlike the local snack, cannot be eaten.

The quartz monzonite has been weathered and eroded to various degrees to yield irregular cracks. These rocks are really fragile and easily broken down once being touch.

Sai Kung boat Tour – Geopark

If you happen to catch the low tide (when the tide is lower than 1.4m), witness the emerging promenade that connects the nearby Kiu Tau islet. Stroll along the natural sand levee for a closer look at this interesting coastal landform.

The road maybe a little slippery, so be careful when crossing the islet!

Sea stacks:Sha Tong Hau, Tiu Chung Chau

The next destination after Sharp Island is Sha Tong Hau and Tiu Chung Chau.

Sha Tong Hau is one of the most breathtaking coastal rock scenes in Hong Kong. This huge sea cave cuts right through the island and it is just wide enough for a kayake to sail past.

Tiu Chung Chau (also called as Jin Island) was named after its bell-like shape that rises from the sea.

Sai Kung boat Tour – Geopark

Po Pin Chau: the islet that was chopped off by axe

The boat will then go to Po Pin Chau: an islet that looks like it was chopped off from the adjacent rock by a giant axe.
It used to be part of High Island, but became dislocated by the chronic erosion of powerful waves.

Geopark in Sai Kung: High Island

The boat will then arrive at the High Island. There is a Tin Hau Temple on High Island, which built in 1741. The temple was listed as a Grade II historic building in 1996, and as a Grade III historic building in 2010.
Formed around 140 million years ago, the hexagonal rock columns on High Island resembling a ‘petrified waterfall’. These are hundreds of millions of years old and were formed by the cooling and contracting mixture of lava, rock debris and volcanic ash. Later, consistent violent crustal movements created the twists and folds that you can now see.

Yim Tin Tsai Village

Yim Tin Tsai Village is one of the oldest village in Hong Kong, and it was home of the Chan family of Hakka origin.

In fact, Yim Tin Tsai means “Little Salt Pan” in Cantonese.


This St. Joseph’s Chapel at Yim Tin Tsai was inaugurated and blessed in 1890.  It was listed as Grade 3 Historic Building by the Hong Kong Antiquities Advisory Board in 1990 and then further upgraded to Grade 2 on 25.1.2011. Subsequently it was given the Award of Merit by the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Award for Cultural Heritage Conservation in 2005.

With salt-making in Tai O also halted in the ’70s, the revived salt pans of Yim Tin Tsai are now the only ones in operation in Hong Kong.

There is also a really cute cat on the island. He/She threw himself on the ground at our feet, and rolls around! If you’re lucky and meet this cat on the island, go and play with him.

We will spend around 45 minutes on the little island, then it’s time to go back to Sai Kung.

Sai Kung boat Tour – Geopark

Return to Sai Kung Pier and enjoy seafood lunch

After returning to Sai Kung, we will have a delicious seafood lunch at a famous Sai Kung restaurant.

Seafood lunch menu

Boiled fresh shrimp
Steamed Cauliflower
Spicy Eggplants with Minced Pork in Clay Pot
Marinated Herbal Chicken
Steamed Scallops with Black Bean Garlic Sauce
Steamed Spareribs with Black Soybeans
Fried Seasonal Vegetable
Steamed fresh seafish

Sai Kung boat Tour – Geopark



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