A Guide To Catching Cuttlefish – The Best Junk Boats For The Job


Summer is here! Are you stuck at home with the A/C? Why not hop on a junk boat, and embrace the heat instead? There are only a few months each year that are prime for cuttlefish fishing, so don’t miss this opportunity. Better yet…make it a party!

Keep reading for 5 features to help you select the best junk boat for squid fishing.

1. An Affluent & Delicious Dinner (BBQ, anyone?)

Food is one of the most decisive factors of a perfect junk boat party. In fact, we have received many related inquiries, such as: “Is dinner provided?”, “Can the menu be modified?”, “Are the freshly caught cuttlefish cooked for free?” In general, dinner – mostly catered or instantly cooked food, though BBQ is an option – is already included in the ticket price. Still, different boats have different practices, so be sure to check before booking.

💡Recommended Junk Boat: BY01N, a city junk boat, which includes free cuttlefish cooking service
and instantly cooked food OR BBQ dinner set. You can also upgrade to other packages
(e.g. our seafood package) according to your preferences.

a Sai Kung boat, which provides free squid cooking service and free dinner.
You can also choose our BBQ dinner set for an additional fee.


2. Flexible Options For Your Party

Sailing on the open sea with your family and friends…what a wonderful way to spend a holiday! Here are some of the best boats for hosting such a party.

💡Recommended Junk Boat: BY01N,a city junk boat, equipped with air-conditioning,
karaoke, a microwave, and a Bluetooth sound system, plus much more!

CH01Na Sai Kung boat, equipped with Switch, karaoke, poker, mahjong,
dice cups, and other recreational activities!

At a family gathering, children are simply part of the party. Some may ask, “What is the charge for a child?”,  or “Is there any discount for children?” In fact, most of our boats do list out our “Children’s Discount” policy, which may be 50% off, or even free for those below three years old.

💡Recommended Junk Boat:TL01N,Free for below three years old (max. of 2)

BU02N,Free for below three years old

BD01N,Free for below three years old

(💡Note: The above boats are not the only ones with a children’s discount; click here for more information.)

In addition to casual events with family and friends, junk boats can also be suitable for hosting companies’ annual gatherings or business parties. These boats have larger capacities and are therefore also quite suitable for hosting a large-scale squid-catching party!

💡Recommended Junk Boat:TL01N,a large city junk boat with a max. of 57 guests.
The price includes catering and freshly caught cuttlefish cooking service.

SK01N,a large Sai Kung junk boat with a max. of 55 guests.
The price includes instantly cooked dinner and freshly caught cuttlefish cooking service.

3. High Boat Quality

If you have certain standards for the boat quality, including the hull, facilities, comfort, etc., you should definitely check out the following boat.

💡Recommended Junk Boat:CH04Na Sai Kung boat, which is both spacious and well-equipped. Freshly caught cuttlefish are cooked for free. You can also choose food delivery, or our BBQ dinner set (for an additional fee), according to your preferences.

4. Alcohol!

If you and your friends love to drink, we have the perfect boat for you!

💡Recommended Junk Boat:AB01N,a city junk boat, which is the best choice for the alcoholic. The price includes a Thai-style buffet, and UNLIMITED alcohol, including beer, liquor, and mixers. You heard right, unlimited!!

5. Pets Onboard

Many pet owners are enthusiastic about experiencing new things with their pets; however, our furry friends are prohibited in many places. For those who want to sail the sea and catch cuttlefish with their besties by their side, we offer pet-friendly boats!

💡Recommended Junk Boat:LE01N,a pet-friendly city junk boat, which is equipped with
karaoke, mahjong, dice cups, and other recreational activities. Drink packages are included, though catering needs to be ordered additionally (click here to view).

BD01N,a pet-friendly Sai Kung boat, which is equipped with a high-quality sound system.
The price includes instantly cooked dinner and freshly caught cuttlefish cooking service.
You can also click here to choose a drink package (for an additional fee).

Already excited to go cuttlefish fishing with your family and friends?

Don’t hesitate, click here to check us out and book now!

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