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The 10 Best All-Inclusive Sai Kung Junk Boat Party Packages

Are you in the mood for a junk boat party this summer, yet overwhelmed by all the decisions to be made?

Well, we’re here to help!


– exciting water activities (sports & floats),

– delicious food (Thai, Japanese, BBQ, Seafood), and…

– fun games (beer pong, karaoke, cards)!

These ALL-INCLUSIVE PACKAGES provide you with the utmost convenience, making it easier than ever before to plan a memorable junk boat party! 

In this blog, we’ll bring you Sai Kung’s 10 BEST all-inclusive junk boat party packages to make booking simple!

🧐 These packages are ranked per our recommendations. Please follow the links for our rates. All our catered lunch sets have vegetarian options; just ask us!
💡 Kind reminder: Each package’s boat will be arranged according to the number of guests, so your boat may be different from the one advertised.

🏄 For The Water Sport Lovers…

1. BU01D (✩✩✩✩✩) 

This package includes 7 water activities! You can go wakeboarding, banana boating, and water tubing, and choose three activities from the following options: inflatable slide, water trampoline, water seesaw, water gyro, and floating mattress! (Even more options can be added.) The boat is also equipped with A/C and a complete sound system for karaoke for those who want to stay onboard and sing their hearts out!

✅ Various Water Activities (Included: Speedboat, Wakeboards, Banana Boat, Speedy Carpet, Floating Beer Pong Mat, Kayaking, Floating Noodles, [Choose 3] Inflatable Slide, Air Bed, Rocking Board, Available Add-Ons: Inflatable Slide, Water Trampoline, Water Seesaw, Water Scooters/Jet Skis)
✅ Catered Lunch Set 
✅ Karaoke System
✅ Mahjong

2. HL01D (✩✩✩✩)

Check this package out for another great water activities-heavy option! With choices like water trampolines, water seesaws, wakeboards, and banana boats, you’re sure to have a great time on this boat!

✅ Various Water Activities (Included: Wakeboards, Banana Boat, UFO, [Choose 3] Inflatable Slide, Water Trampoline, Water Seesaw, Water Gyro, Available Add-Ons: The 4th Choice)
✅ Catered Lunch Set
✅ Karaoke System
✅ Mahjong
✅ Dice Cup
✅ Poker

3. DE01D (✩✩✩✩)

If you’re looking for the ultimate water sports package, this is the one for you! With three possible water game package upgrades, the choices for customization are endless. Make your junk boat party extra extra special!

✅ Various Water Activities (Included: Speedboat, Wakeboards, Banana Boat, Water Carpet, Floating Mattress, Available Add-Ons: Inflatable Slide, Water Trampoline, Water Seesaw, Water Gyro, Water Game Package 1/2/3, Tic-Tac-Toe)
✅ Catered Lunch Set (+40 HKD/person)
✅ Karaoke System
✅ Mahjong
✅ Dice Cup
✅ Poker

🍻 For The Foodies…

4. DY01D (✩✩✩✩)

This newly renovated and beautiful vessel is perfect for really any gathering. Enjoy a tasty local lunch, featuring dishes such as spaghetti bolognese and curry fried rice, as well as plenty of water activities, all for a great value! This is truly one of our best packages, so book now!

✅ Various Water Activities (Included: Wakeboards, Banana Boat, UFO, [Choose 2] Inflatable Slide, Water Trampoline, Water Seesaw, Water Gyro, Floating Mattress, Available Add-Ons: Ask our staff!)
✅ Catered Lunch Set (Crab Congee, Fried Udon, Garlic Bolognese Spaghetti, Mixed Salad, Dumplings, Curry Fried Rice, Fried Vegetables, Chicken Wings)
✅ Karaoke System
✅ Mahjong
✅ Dice Cup
✅ Poker

5. BD01D (✩✩✩✩)

A great option for those who want to relax and enjoy some delicious food, this package’s menu features special local dishes such as shumai, fried udon, and crab congee, as well as popular favorites such as fried rice and chicken wings. Not to worry, the food isn’t the only highlight; many water activities are still included!

✅ Various Water Activities (Included: Speedboat, Wakeboards, Banana Boat, Speedy Carpet, Fishing Gear, SUP Boards, [Choose 2] Inflatable Slide, Water Trampoline, Water Seesaw, Water Gyro, Available Add-Ons: Inflatable Slide, Water Trampoline, Water Seesaw, Water Gyro)
 Catered Lunch Set (Pan-Fried Udon, Fried Rice, Crab Congee/Chicken Congee, Pan-Fried Shumai, Chicken Wings, Pineapple Sausage Skewers, Pan-Fried Vegetables, Pan-Fried Clams)
✅ Karaoke System
✅ Mahjong
✅ Dice Cup
✅ Poker

🔥💡 For The Most Customizable Options…

6. CH01D (✩✩✩✩)

This package is the ULTIMATE choice for any junk boat party. It comes with 10 water activities, with options to add speedboats, water scooters/jet skis, and more! The included meal is a mouth-watering assortment of dishes from pork lettuce wraps to BBQ ribs to pizza, with options to upgrade to a BBQ set or luxury seafood set. Make this package all your own with our countless selections, including some very cute floats!

✅ Various Water Activities (Included: Speedboat, Wakeboards, Banana Boat, Water Tubes, Kayaks, Floating Noodles, Kickboards, Safety Rings, [Choose 2] Inflatable Slide, Water Trampoline, Water Seesaw, Water Gyro, Available Add-Ons: Extra Speedboats, Water Scooters/Jet Skis, Inflatable Slide, Water Trampoline, Water Seesaw, Water Gyro)
✅ Catered Lunch Set (Thai Minced Pork Lettuce Wraps, Truffle Mushroom Spaghetti, Inaniwa Cold Udon, Thai Fried Clams, French Pizza, BBQ Pork Ribs, Seasonal Seafood Congee)
✅ BBQ Set (+60 HKD/person) (Beef, Chicken Wings, Sausage, Meatballs, Fish Balls)
✅ Luxury Seafood BBQ Set (+120 HKD/person) (Lobster Pasta, Garlic Scallops, Stir-Fried & Fried Clams, Steamed Abalone, Crab Congee, Prawns, Fried Rice)
✅ Karaoke System
✅ Mahjong
✅ Dice Cup
✅ Poker

7. CH02D (✩✩✩✩)

This package is simply another version of the one above, just with a different vessel! Below are some sample shots, but browse the pictures on our website for a closer look.

9. CH03D (✩✩✩✩)

Yet another version of the same package, but with a different boat! We really love this package, if you couldn’t tell.

Ready to jump onboard with one of our all-inclusive junk boat party packages?

Click HERE to enjoy our fast & easy booking process!


10. For only 500 HKD, reserve a spot on one of our signature junk boats to Sai Kung, complete with food, drinks, activities, and fun!

Our junk boat parties will be held throughout the summer, so click HERE for more information on the dates and details!

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