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7 Water Sports To Try In Junk Boat Charter Party

8 Water Sports To Try In Hong Kong

Hong Kong is known for being one of the world’s international urban hubs. Life in the city is busy and fast-paced, and one can get lost in the hustle and bustle.

As a result, many locals escape to Hong Kong’s lush countryside on the weekends. There, they can soak in the sunshine, relax on the water, and take a much-needed break.

Because Hong Kong has such beautiful natural areas, junk boating is quite popular. In the humidly hot summer months, what better way to cool off and let loose than partying on a junk boat in the middle of a bay?

And a huge fun factor of junk boating is, of course, the water sports!

So, let us introduce to you 7 of our favorite water sports that you should try while in Hong Kong!

Water Sports

1. Wake Surfing

Wake Surfing in Hong Kong

Our very first water sport is wake surfing! This sport involves surfing in the wake of a speed boat, atop the waves created by the boat. These waves mimic ocean waves big enough to ride and even do tricks!

Initially, the speed boat pulls you out of the water with a rope, but once you start riding comfortably, you throw the rope back onto the boat, leaving your hands completely free!

Some have described the feeling as a combination of traditional surfing and snowboarding.

Although it can be a bit challenging to pick up at first, our boat crew is very friendly and helpful in teaching the basics.

Check out one of our wake surfing packages for a private session in Sai Kung!

2. Wake Boarding

Wake Boarding in Hong Kong

Wake Boarding in Hong Kong

Wake boarding evolved from a combination of various sports, namely water skiing and surfing.

By far our most popular option, this sport is essentially like wake surfing. The difference is that, instead of throwing the rope back onto the boat after starting, you hold onto the rope to be kept in tow. Due to the type of board used in this sport, holding onto the rope is the only way to keep afloat.

This difference makes wake boarding much easier to learn for most people! Sound reassuring?

Try wake boarding with us! We have 2-hour, 3-hour, and 4-hour rentals available. Some packages can service up to 8 people, so bring your friends!

3. Fly Boarding

Fly Boarding in Hong Kong

You may have already heard of wake surfing/wake boarding, but what about fly boarding?

Also known as “hydro flying,” this exciting extreme water sport will give thrill-seekers exactly what they’re looking for!

The sport’s boots are attached to a sort of platform connected by a long hose to a speed boat. As the speed boat accelerates, the water will be propelled through the hose and out of the openings on the platform, literally taking you to new heights! (You can reach up to 40 feet/12 meters!)

We offer private sessions in Deep Water Bay with a licensed instructor. More information on this package can be found here!

4. Hover Boarding

Hover Boarding in Hong Kong

Similar to fly boarding, hover boarding is a more familiar alternative that you might like to try!

The two sports are cousins, as they were actually invented by the same person! The main difference is that fly boarding offers more vertical movement, while hover boarding is more horizontal.

Just like fly boarding, your boots are attached to a hover board that is connected by hose to a speed boat. After acceleration, you are then propelled out of the water and into the air!

To break it down, this sport is basically a water version of skateboarding or snowboarding, except with a jet engine at the rear.

Try it out in Deep Water Bay with our exclusive package!

5. Jet Skiing

Jet Skiing in Hong Kong

Another popular water sport is jet skiing!

With this activity, you have 100% complete control, as you are not attached to anything else. (It’s just you and the jet ski, out on the open ocean!)

Jet skiing is pretty easily picked up by most; it just takes some time to get used to turning. A word of encouragement: it is almost impossible to turn too sharply and fall off!

You can, however, go too fast and hit a badly timed wave, accidentally knocking you overboard. If this happens, take your time remounting the jet ski, as trying to do so too quickly can cause it to flip.

With all of these water sports, but especially this one, be sure to apply sunscreen a few minutes beforehand! The sun rays reflecting off the water around you will give you a nasty burn, and that’s speaking from experience!

If you’ve got your sunblock ready to go, head to Aberdeen for your adrenaline fix! More information here.

6. Kayaking

Kayaking in Boat Rental in Hong Kong

So far, we’ve covered some pretty action-packed water sports. But what about some less extreme activities?

Kayaking can be done both recreationally/on its own, and incorporated into more serious sports, such as kayak diving.

Many people confuse kayaking and canoeing. The main difference is in the paddle; canoe paddles are single-bladed, while kayak paddles are double-bladed, meaning there is a blade on each end of each paddle. The difference also lies in the way you sit; in canoes, you kneel, or sit on a seat. In kayaks, you sit on a low seat, almost on the floor. (Currently, we only offer kayaking!)

Our kayaks are usually rented out as part of a boat package. After docking, the kayaks are brought out to enjoy in one of the many bays of Hong Kong! Check our website for more information.

7. Paddle Boarding

Paddle Boarding in Boat Rental in Hong Kong

Last but not least, a personal favorite: paddle boarding!

This traditional sport is done by kneeling on a board and paddling with your hands. A relatively new version of this is stand up paddle boarding, or SUP!

This sport’s flexibility is endless; you can practice yoga, go sightseeing, catch fish, and even surf the ocean waves, all on a paddle board!

There are different types of boards for different types of water, too, so you can take a paddle board virtually anywhere! For flat water, such as lakes and rivers, there are wider and longer boards. For ocean water, which is usually more choppy, the boards are narrower and shorter, but more sturdy.

Our paddle boards are standard “ocean” boards that work for all levels of experience. They, like our kayaks, are usually rented out as part of a boat package. Check our website for more information.

Check out all of our water sport packages here to find the best one for you!

We also offer boat charter services, which you can find more information about on our website!

We hope you are inspired to seek the thrill this weekend!

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