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Ultimate Hong Kong Staycation Experience Guide

With the hectic work or school life lying ahead, having a short getaway with your beloved ones may seem impossible. However, that doesn’t mean you will not be able to enjoy the same level of happiness while keeping your passport safe at home. Fortunately, Hong Kong is a place full of amazing staycation deals, which allows you to find the best alternative to a relaxing trip away from the city. Yet, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind when someone mentions about staycations in Hong Kong? Luxury hotel stays? Fine-dining? Or relaxing spa treatments? Apart from the aforementioned options, have you ever thought of spending your staycation offshore?

On top of that, you will not be spending your precious time on any typical yacht boats, but the newly launched houseboat. Sounds interesting, but unsure about what to do on a houseboat? Don’t worry, I had the exact same concern with you guys before actually trying the brand new staycation experience out. Thus, I hope my firsthand houseboat encounter will clear out some of your inquiries about this new staycation option.

At first, it may seem weird to go on a houseboat for a staycation, instead of going to a 5-starred hotel, when Hong Kong hotels have offered so many great staycation deals that are dedicated to Hong Kong residents. Yet, after experiencing the houseboat staycation by myself, it is actually way better than what I have expected.

Therefore, I have summarized SIX key reasons as to why you should try out this brand new houseboat staycation experience. I hope it will be useful for you all when you are making your next staycation decision.

1. Cozy and Spacious Living Environment

First of all, with 3000 ft of living space, the houseboat is really spacious and comfortable to live in. Also, you will never be able to have such a big hotel room to yourself when you are spending your staycation at any typical 5-starred hotels.

2. Makes You Feel Like Home

Secondly, this houseboat actually makes you feel like home with its well-furnished interior. Open kitchen, BBQ stove, sea view balcony, delicate washrooms, and cozy bedrooms etc. are all included within your stay on the houseboat.

3. Wide Variety of Entertainment On Board

Thirdly, a wide variety of board games, and entertainment are included in your houseboat package. For example, mahjong, karaoke, television, and poker etc. are all provided on board, which allows you and your friends to have fun and chill at the same time.

4. Inclusive Water Sports

Fourthly, you can also enjoy all kinds of water sports within your stay! In my opinion, this is definitely a huge plus as to why I should spend my staycation here. Since you will never be able to play triangle slides, floating trampoline and wakesurf while staying in any luxury hotels. Also, with Hong Kong’s extremely hot weather, nothing can be more satisfying than feeling the sea breeze while enjoying the excitement that the water sports have brought to you.

5. Meals are Provided

Fifthly, you will not have to worry about your meals while staying on board, as the skipper will prepare your meals beforehand. All you need to do is just getting on board and eat. How convenient is that! Honestly speaking, the included meals are not comparable to the meals that you will get from any 5-starred hotels. Yet, the quality is still pretty satisfying! Thus, I will definitely recommend you guys to give it a try! For other catering options on board, you can check it out here!


Last but definitely not least, the price is UNBEATABLE with all the services and catering that are provided in this package! Guess how much did it cost for me to experience all these? Since I went with 10 other friends, this whole experience costs each of us around 560HKD per person! Can you imagine getting all these services with this price at a typical 5 starred hotel? I am pretty sure you can’t. Moreover, if your party size is big enough, the price per person can be as low as 280HKD! I am pretty sure you will never be able to search for a staycation alternative that lies within this price range!

The above comments are undoubtedly my honest review on this brand new houseboat staycation experience, and I would highly recommend to anyone, who is bored of the typical staycation options in the market, and looking for an extraordinary staycation experience.

I have booked my houseboat on Yacht Holimood’s website, and if you have any further inquiries about this package, I strongly recommend you to check out their website, or contact any one of their customer services! 👉 Click here for more information 

They do not only provide houseboat packages, but also junk boat parties, and nighttime sightseeing cruise rides as well. So do not hesitate to check them out here

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