Most people wouldn’t object to the statement “Sai Kung is a paradise in Hong Kong,” right? Sai Kung boasts picturesque scenery and is far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, making it the perfect weekend getaway spot for Hong Kongers. As we all know, Sai Kung is famous for its seafood, but what else is there to do in Sai Kung?

Let’s explore Sai Kung together!

Due to its unique geographical environment and beautiful natural scenery, Sai Kung is often referred to as the “back garden of Hong Kong,” and it frequently attracts hiking enthusiasts. The Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark is also located in Sai Kung, which includes sedimentary rock formations dating back millions of years, making it definitely worth a visit.👉【Holiday Leisure Destination】Sai Kung Geopark in-depth one-day trip

Apart from its magnificent landscape, the simple fishing villages are also one of Sai Kung’s selling points. Since Sai Kung used to be a small fishing village where every household made a living by fishing, you can still see many small boats and fishing boats docked in the harbor.

Historical Monuments

The Hoi Chung site has three cultural layers, dating back more than 4,000 years, including the Ming and Qing dynasties, the Tang and Song dynasties, and the late Neolithic period.

Hoi Chung

Hung Shing Temple – located in Kiu Tsui Chau, completed in 1889, and has won the “Outstanding Project Award for Cultural Heritage Conservation in the Asia-Pacific Region.” The ancient temple is dedicated to the sea god worshipped by fishermen on the island, and it is also a community center and village school.

Hung Shing Temple

Tai Miu Wan Rock Carvings – located in Tai Tong Tsui, carved in 1274 during the Xianchun period of the Southern Song Dynasty, and is Hong Kong’s most historically significant rock carving.

Tai Miu Wan Rock Carvings

Sheung Yiu Village – located in the North Tung Chung Country Park, built in the 19th century by a Huang family from Bao’an County, Guangdong Province. It is now open to the public and exhibits various agricultural tools and rural furniture, making visitors feel like they are in a Hakka village.

Sheung Yiu Village

Hiking and Outdoors

We specifically recommend several well-selected hiking trails that vary in difficulty, and visitors can choose according to their abilities. However, do note that many routes do not have any supply stations along the way, so remember to bring enough water and snacks.

  1. Shrimp Mountain Trail: ★☆☆☆☆
    Total length: about 3 kilometers
    Time required: about 2 hours
  2. Shek Uk Shan (Sai Kung’s tallest mountain) Trail: ★★★☆☆
    Total length: about 7.5 kilometers
    Time required: about 4 hours
  3. Sai Wan Shan (Lang Ka) Trail: ★★★☆☆
    Total length: 13 kilometers
    Time required: about 5.5 hours
  4. Tin Au Shan Trail: ★★★☆☆
    Total length: about 8 kilometers
    Time required: about 4 hours
Shrimp Mountain Trail
Tai Long Wan

Boat P

Sai Kung has always been a popular spot for boat enthusiasts because it has not been overly developed, so the bays are still beautiful and the water quality is excellent. Pak Lap and Long Ke are known as hidden bays, but that’s precisely why it’s challenging to visit these bays and beaches. The best way is to take a boat! You can take in historical monuments and bays in one go! Moreover, since it’s summer, going out to sea to beat the heat is a popular choice for many people. (And there are more water activities to do in Sai Kung🏄)

👉【Sai Kung Bay】Boat P cruise hot routes and location recommendations

👉【Where to Boat P!?】Sai Kung Hidden Bay Comparison

💡Just a reminder, many boats in Sai Kung don’t include drinks, so you can 👉click here to purchase them.

💡If you want to save time and hassle, you can choose 👉selected packages that include drinks, food, and water activities.

Think Sai Kung only has natural beauty, historical monuments, and temples? Think again. Sai Kung also has many trendy restaurants, bars, and unique specialty stores.


The Seafood Street on the Spot

When it comes to Sai Kung, it is famous for its seafood, and many people will specifically go to Sai Kung to eat seafood. There are many restaurants in the seafood street, and each one has fresh and live seafood for customers to choose from, and they can even cook the fish for you. Among them, Hung Kee Seafood Restaurant has been recommended by the Michelin Guide.

Sai Kung Seafood Street
Hung Kee Seafood Restaurant

Specialty Restaurants

If you don’t want to eat seafood, what are your options? Here are several specialty restaurants for you to choose from.

  1. AJ’s Sri Lankan Cuisine

    Address: G/F, 14 Sai Kung Hoi Pong Square

    Phone: 2792 2556 |
    Business hours: 11am-3pm, 5:30-11pm (Monday to Friday); 11am-11pm (Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays) Remarks: Service charge applies, cash and credit cards accepted
  2. The Terrace

    Address: 168 Hiram’s Highway, Sai Kung

    Phone: 2792 1463
    Business hours: 11am-11pm (Monday to Friday); 9am-10pm (Saturday, Sunday)
    Remarks: Service charge applies, cash only for non-members; there is a parking lot outside the yacht club; take a taxi from Sai Kung town center for about $20
  3. Okapi Cafe

    Address: 67 Man Nin Street, Sai Kung
    Phone: 2791 5068
    Business hours: Monday to Friday 12:00-16:00; 18:00-22:30; Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays 11:00-23:00
  4. 無問題 Momentai

    For Bar & Restaurant, a handcrafted beer bar with 13 local brewed beers, a variety of food (such as burgers, fish and chips, pasta, etc.) and specialty drinks. The drinks and food are diverse and the environment is beautiful. The restaurant is located by the sea and is perfect for a family meal, especially for watching the sunset.

    Address: Shop 1, Waterfront Park, 2 Hoi Man Street, Sai Kung
    Telephone: 27928991
    Business hours: Tuesday to Sunday 12:00-23:00; closed on Mondays Note: No service charge, cash and credit card accepted

Specialty Stores

In fact, there are many specialty stores on the old market street, because it is far away from the city center, there is no noise here, only a quiet environment, allowing people to slow down and enjoy life. Specialty stores make tourists feel as if they are in a foreign country.

  1. Colour Brown

    Address: 40 Market Street, Sai Kung, Ground Floor
  2. 吉光片羽
    Literary and fresh small store, the whole store is based on simplicity and nature. Looking into the store from the doorway, there is a feeling of being in Japan. Address: 40 Market Street, Sai Kung, Ground Floor

  3. Vintage HK
    Vintage HK is perfect for treasure hunting or retro lovers! Second-hand shop selling second-hand clothes, jewelry, groceries, decorations, etc. Address: 10 Waterfront Street, Sai Kung, Ground Floor


In addition to specialty stores, there is a creative art market near the pier every weekend, which is worth a visit when you travel to Sai Kung on weekends. In addition, when there are special festivals, such as Tin Hau’s birthday, Sai Kung will set up a stage and there will be many food stalls and Cantonese opera performances, which is very lively.


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