【Beginner’s Guide】First Experience with Wakesurfing and Wakeboarding in Sai Kung

August is the hottest month in Hong Kong, so it’s time to cool off by going out to sea! Recently, wakesurfing has become popular again, with many celebrities playing it. Therefore, I took the opportunity to rent a boat and go surfing.

If you don’t know what wakesurfing is, check out this article: 👉 【Little Knowledge】Surfing/Surfing/Wake Surfing

Wakesurfing is a combination of wakeboarding and surfing. It has been popular in foreign countries for some time, and in recent years more and more Asian friends have been exposed to this water sport. Recently, it has become popular again in Hong Kong!

If you want to try wakesurfing in Sai Kung, you can dock at the bay at: Tso Wo Hang! Since the boat ride is short, about 10 minutes, you’ll have more time to play in the water! This is great for beginners! Interested parties can refer to the following boat charges: 👉 UH01 Speedboat Wakesurf

Big Wave Bay

My three friends and I rented a Speedboat together, which can accommodate 6 people. Even on holidays, the average cost per person is only $267 for a 2-hour rental, which is much cheaper than going to a boat-P to play. Of course, boat-P is not just for water activities.

💡Please note that boat schedules are very tight during the summer holidays and most speedboat rentals on weekends have already been taken.

In addition to wakesurfing, they also provide wakeboarding. However, wakesurfing requires more arm strength and physical strength. The coach shared with us that many girls choose wakesurfing because they don’t need to wear shoes, the speed is slower, and they don’t have to chase waves. Therefore, it is relatively less physically demanding and easier for girls to master.

The coach is very professional and patient with us (by the way, all three of us are new to wakesurfing). After countless failed attempts to get up and falling into the sea, it took about 30 minutes to balance and surf smoothly. Although we often couldn’t stand firmly, for the first time, we did pretty well! Balance and coordination are really important!

I’d like to share some videos of other riders. Let’s get excited!

If you want to try some more exciting water activities like me, you can give it a try.

💡 Beginner’s tutorial: surfers should first grab the rope that connects to the speedboat, then get up on the board. After standing firmly on the water, you can pull the rope with one hand and slide close to the wave at the stern of the boat. When you feel the wave pushing the board and find the balance point, keep the balance and then you can completely let go of the rope and rely on the wave at the stern of the boat to keep pushing the board forward.

For more details, please refer to the 👉 Beginner’s blog.

I hope the above sharing can help you. Let’s book the next wakesurfing trip! 🏄🏻🏄🏻

In fact, in addition to wakeboarding/wakesurfing, Yacht Holimood also offers a variety of foreign popular water activities, such as Jet Ski and Flyboard, etc.

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In addition to renting out wakeboarding/wakesurfing, Hoverboard and water motorcycles can also be rented.

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