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[Explore Lantau Island] Transportation of Cheung Chau, Tap Mun, and Mui Wo with our customized itinerary and charter ferry services

How many hours does it take to have a ferry from Lamma Island/Cheung Chau/Tai O/Tung Chung? Do you need to wait for three hours for a ferry to Mui Wo/Peng Chau? There are only two ferry trips per day to Tap Mun!

💡Want to control your own time? Want to charter a boat with a group of friends? Need island transportation for an event? Plan a unique boat trip?

Or do you want to go on a day trip to the outlying islands? Camping? A family eco-tour? Round trip ferry transportation?

Our editor recommends the most convenient and unique way to customize your own boat trip and charter a boat with round trip transportation!

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1. Unique itinerary + round trip transportation service, everything you want!

Outlying Island Tour

Get away from the busy city and explore the natural environment, scenic spots and historical sites of the outlying islands including Peng Chau, Cheung Chau, Lamma Island, Mui Wo, Tai O and Tung Chung.

Want to camp on a remote island with a group of friends in Hong Kong? Let the ferry take you to the outskirts of the city to enjoy the starry sky and countryside scenery.

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Explore the East Ping Chau and Tap Mun by boat, and get close to the geological park of East Ping Chau and have lunch at Tap Mun at your own expense. This is for those who love nature.

(🔆If you are interested in eco-tour, please contact us in advance to plan your itinerary.)

Enjoy the fun of boating on the boat, admire the natural landscape such as different rocks, beaches, plants, and the activities of characteristic buildings and animals in front of you.

(🔆Many people choose to take a boat for eco-tourism because they do not have to hike, and can enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way while sitting on the boat, and can view the scenery up close, which saves time and effort!)

Harbor Tour

Sit on a sightseeing ferry to tour Victoria Harbor, and enjoy the sunset scenery / the intoxicating night scene on both sides of Victoria Harbor and admire the magnificent light show of the city from a close distance. It is definitely an unforgettable experience!

On festive days such as National Day, the second day of the Lunar New Year, and New Year’s Eve, if you don’t want to charter a boat to watch fireworks, we also have a nostalgic junk harbor fireworks buffet tour! Then you can go to sea to watch the spectacular festival fireworks show without chartering a boat! Click here for more information

Large Party/Commercial Activities

The general capacity of the ferry is over 100 people, suitable for holding parties/commercial/product launches and other large-scale activities.

Moreover, the price is not expensive at all, similar to ordinary boats, but the ferry has many more activity areas than usual yachts!

Other transportation services

The general ferry provides shuttle services, which is convenient for a large number of people to choose.

(🔆If you need one-way transportation services, please contact us in advance.)

The decoration is unique and allows you to go crazy on the boat!

Most of the hull and cabin designs are based on Hong Kong as the theme, to relive the old Hong Kong scenery, so that you feel like you are in old Hong Kong. While enjoying the charming scenery at sea, you can also admire the special decoration inside the boat and check-in “like”!

The hull uses the daily life of Hong Kong fishermen in the 1970s and 1980s and Hong Kong’s characteristic elements as the theme, showing the life of fishermen and the importance of family to Hong Kong people with works such as fishing, net throwing, and harvests. There are different Chinese calligraphy fonts on the hull, witnessing the changes in Hong Kong’s characters.

If you want to know more about the history and culture of Lei Yue Mun, you can’t miss our Tung Lung Island Cultural Guided Tour! Click here for more information

The designer uses old Hong Kong as the theme, and decorates the ferry into an old-style tea residence and a 1970s home, and uses paper, leather, and stone to tightly connect the different scenery of the upper and lower levels; the hull is characterized by bright neon lights, allowing the scenery of old Hong Kong to reappear.

Most suitable for a large group of people or group activities!

I believe the most people want to know is the price! Is it expensive to charter a ferry? Absolutely not! It is even cheaper than a regular yacht!

The price of a regular yacht ranges from $250 to over a thousand per person; but because the ferry can accommodate up to 100-120 people, it is suitable for large-scale island tours/boat parties/river cruises/shuttle services, so the fee per person is as low as $67, you can enjoy it from morning/afternoon/night!

You can freely adjust the boarding and disembarking time for your convenience!

The usage time is 4 hours during the day or night, depending on the itinerary to adjust the boarding and disembarking time.

(**🔆 Please contact us in advance to plan the itinerary.)

Save time and money, and charter a ferry for immediate departure!

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