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[Alternative Vacation Choice Away from Islands] Experience the Houseboat on the Sea

One of the reasons many hardworking individuals strive to work is to earn money for travel and relax.

If you want to take a vacation in Hong Kong but are tired of visiting outlying islands like Cheung Chau and Lamma Island, there are actually plenty of hidden beautiful spots and great accommodations in the city area. They offer a perfect opportunity for a comfortable staycation! Take Hong Kong Island as an example. Since the opening of the South Island Line, it has become much more convenient to travel to places like Aberdeen. People have discovered that there are hidden gems of delicious food and stunning scenery in places like Aberdeen. Even water-based experiences like staying in houseboats are available, guaranteeing you a unique and extraordinary holiday!

This brand-new houseboat truly lives up to its name as a refreshing and minimalist Muji-style sanctuary in the heart of Hong Kong. You can even have parties on board, allowing you to truly escape the hustle and bustle of the city. And that’s not all! On the houseboat, you can also enjoy the exclusive and rare local delicacy of Aberdeen – “Yun Tow Mein” (boat noodles)!

It’s a whole new experience, so why not try a houseboat staycation? Book now

What are the must-do and must-capture moments on a houseboat?

And how can you have the most relaxing staycation? As part of my personal experience, I tested and tried to see if the houseboat lives up to its reputation.

Is it convenient for transportation?

Firstly, the houseboat is moored in Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter, and we need to take a sampan from nearby Yau Lei Chuen/Aberdeen Pier to reach the houseboat. From the Hung Shing Temple Pier in Yau Lei Chuen, it’s about a 3-minute walk to Lei Tung MTR Station Exit A1 (around 220 meters), so it’s very easy to find!

We boarded the houseboat at 3 p.m. on a Saturday, arranging to meet the houseboat owner at Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter. The boat journey to the houseboat is not long, taking about 5 minutes, and each trip costs only $10-20 HKD, so it’s really convenient!

How stunning and what facilities does the houseboat have?

As soon as we stepped onto the houseboat, our first reaction was: “Wow, it’s really beautiful and spacious, truly a minimalist Muji-style houseboat!”

As we ascended, we saw a chill and comfortable terrace with two sun loungers, perfect for watching the sunset while sipping a drink!

Walking into the houseboat, you’ll find a Japanese-style living room that is spacious and cozy, perfect for hosting games like “Werewolf” or “Truth or Dare” with a big group of friends!

Not to mention, the decor is truly Japanese-style and feels like staying in a hotel in Japan! Book now

The houseboat provides everything you would expect from a regular hotel/vacation home, including Wi-Fi, air conditioning, basic utensils, bedding (pillows, blankets, and mattresses), induction cooker and kettle, and a television. With all these amenities, you can cook your own meals and experience life as a true water-dweller!

Recommended Highlight – A must-visit Insta-worthy spot!

Personally, I highly recommend a photo spot in the living room that has a super Japanese-style and artsy vibe. It’s so different from what people would typically associate with being in Hong Kong that some might mistake it for a trip to Japan!

The houseboat has three floors of living space, with four bedrooms (the master bedroom has a king-size bed, while the other three bedrooms have single beds) and.

Most of the rooms on the houseboat have a view of the bay, and it’s really relaxing and comfortable! The rooms are all designed in a minimalist Japanese style, so the whole houseboat is simple and not extravagant at all.

On the other hand, I know that the concept of a houseboat might be new to many people, so you might have some questions about it! But don’t worry, I’ve prepared some common questions about boarding the houseboat and living on board to help you out.

Houseboat Q&A:

Q: Will the houseboat rock a lot and make me feel seasick?

A: Personally, after trying it myself, I didn’t feel seasick at all. It’s easy to adapt to the slight rocking motion when other boats pass by and create some waves. But in the location where the houseboat is anchored, the waves are reduced, so most of the time, it’s very stable. So you don’t need to worry!

Q: What can you do on the houseboat?

A: You can cook, watch Netflix or movies, and enjoy watching the sunrise and sunset. The view from the houseboat on the sea is different from what you usually see on land. But the main purpose of being on the houseboat is to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. So it’s really nice to just chill and listen to the sound of the waves in such a comfortable environment.

Q: What are the things to do and places to visit nearby? You can refer to my recommendations for must-visit and must-try experiences in Aberdeen!

A: Of course, there are plenty of things to do and places to visit nearby! You can refer to my recommendations for must-visit and must-try experiences in Aberdeen for some ideas.

Q: Is there enough electricity and water on the houseboat?

A: Yes, there is! After my experience, I felt that the water and electricity on the houseboat were just as sufficient as at home. The houseboat has 24-hour water and electricity supply from the shore, so there’s no difference.

Exclusive and Authentic Hong Kong-style Boat Noodles in Aberdeen

But when you’re on the houseboat in Aberdeen, how can you miss trying the exclusive and authentic boat noodles? It’s worth noting that boat noodles in Aberdeen are already quite rare, and as far as I know, only a couple of boats still serve them!

However, the considerate houseboat owner has provided a contact method for one of the boat noodle vendors, so anyone staying on the houseboat can try this unique Hong Kong delicacy! I personally tried it, and it was a pleasant surprise. The boat noodle uncle was very generous with the toppings, including chicken gizzards, fish balls, pork neck, char siu, red sausage, lettuce, roasted goose, and more. It was really delicious! Definitely worth a try! If you want to know more about boat noodles, you can click here for more information.

Are you tempted to try this brand-new houseboat with a trendy and artistic vibe? Don’t hesitate, book now and be one of the first to experience it!

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