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The Top Squid/Cuttlefish Night Fishing Routes & Recommendations

Summers are usually very hot and humid in Hong Kong; practically unbearable, unless you stay inside during the day.

Perhaps you have to go to work or school, in which case, you get a welcome escape from the blistering heat.

But, what if you want to have some fun afterwards, when the sun has gone down?

How about squid / cuttlefish fishing?

Squid fishing season runs from the beginning of June to the end of September, making right now the best time to go!

We highly suggest going in the late evening to catch the most cuttlefish, and we do offer several night boat packages especially for cuttlefishing, which you can find HERE.

If you decide to rent a boat especially for cuttlefishing, you may be wondering what else there is to do on board, as well as where to go!

So, let us give you our top recommendations of popular night fishing routes!

⭐ Ultimately, the boat captain will choose the best location depending on the time of year and his/her own past experience.

Urban Night Fishing Routes

💡 Suggested Route #1 ( Tseung Kwan O ) : Board At Central / Tsim Sha Tsui Pier  Victoria Harbour Tour → Tseung Kwan O  Dock For Dinner  Enjoy On Board Entertainment & Facilities / Go Fishing  Cook & Eat Freshly Caught Cuttlefish  Return To Central / Tsim Sha Tsui Pier

With this route, you will depart from the Central / Tsim Sha Tsui Pier, and head towards Tseung Kwan O.

Enjoy the stunning night view of Victoria Harbour along the way!

Then, the boat will dock in Tseung Kwan O, where you can enjoy dinner on board.

After dinner, it’s time to go fishing!

The boat crew will cook any freshly caught cuttlefish for you to eat.

After enjoying your bounty, you will return to the Central / Tsim Sha Tsui Pier.

💡 Suggested Route #2 ( Southern District ) : Board At Aberdeen Pier  Victoria Harbour Tour → Southern District →  Dock For Dinner  Enjoy On Board Entertainment & Facilities / Go Fishing  Cook & Eat Freshly Caught Cuttlefish  Return To Aberdeen Pier

This route is very similar to the one above, except it will take you to the southern part of Hong Kong Island instead of Tseung Kwan O.

Board the boat at the Aberdeen Pier, and head towards the Southern District. The boat will pass through Victoria Harbour on the way.

After an on board dinner in the Southern District, it’s time to go fishing!

After fishing and eating to your heart’s content, you will return to the Aberdeen Pier.

Sai Kung Night Fishing Route

💡 Suggested Route #3 ( Sai Kung ) : Board At Sai Kung Pier  Sai Kung Area  Dock For Dinner  Enjoy On Board Entertainment & Facilities / Go Fishing  Cook & Eat Freshly Caught Cuttlefish  Return To Sai Kung Pier

This route is essentially the same as the previous two, except the start and end location is Sai Kung Pier, and you will be traversing the waters of Sai Kung instead!

Dinner Options

After docking on any of these routes, you and your party can enjoy a delicious dinner on board!

We offer a wide range of food packages, deliverable directly to the pier of departure. That way, you can feast on the freshest food!

Here are a few of our options…

🔆 Exclusive Kowloon Shangri-La Set

We have teamed up with Kowloon Shangri-La, a five-star hotel in Hong Kong, to launch three exclusive catering menus for your next boat trip. The quality of the food is absolutely guaranteed!

With each menu consisting of appetizers, main dishes, and desserts prepared by the hotel’s professional chefs, you will be sure to receive a luxurious on board experience.

🔆 Thai Cuisine Set

This package is our best value option! It includes 12 special Thai dishes such as pork neck, shrimp slices, and chicken satay, as well as seasonal fruits and great vegetarian options.

At only 180 HKD per person, there is no better bang for your buck!

🔆 Other Selected Sets

In addition to the aforementioned packages, we offer others with more variety. These mixes include multi-national dishes, local-style buffets, and cocktail-esque light snacks. They can all be found here.

Each package has its own characteristics, so choose the menu that best suits your personal preferences!

🔆 Interested in a specific dish or dishes?

We are willing to accommodate! Please contact us for additional options and quotes.

On Board Entertainment & Fishing

Most of our boats are equipped with a complete karaoke and sound system, as well as other entertainment facilities to keep everyone engaged.

The highlight of the night, however, is squid fishing!

⭐ The boat crew will provide you with all of the necessary fishing tools, which saves you the trouble of preparing them yourself!

In the later months of the season (August and September), the cuttlefish grow to 5-8 inches, with the longest growing up to 20 inches!

⭐ After you and your party finish fishing, the boat crew will prepare any freshly caught cuttlefish for everyone on board!

If you have any preferences regarding the way the cuttlefish are cooked, please let the boat crew know in advance.

You can also bring your own baggies to take what you caught back home!

Ready to go cuttlefishing?

Click HERE to see all of our special boat packages!

Be sure to share your experience with us by tagging #yachtholimood in your posts! 📸

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Boat Trip Route Recommendation – hong kong outlying islands tour

 Can’t wait to take a refreshing day trip this weekend?

On the lookout for your next holiday destination?

Invite your friends and family to visit the islands of Po Toi or Tung Lung!

Let us help you plan your next trip to these two hidden gems of Hong Kong by recommending the best routes and things to do there, starting with Po Toi!

Po Toi Island

Po Toi Island

Located on the southeastern side of Hong Kong, Po Toi Island is also known as “Hong Kong’s South Pole.” It is a small island covered with granite and strange rock formations that attract tourists from far and wide each year.

💡 Suggested Route:

Victoria Harbour (Central Pier) → Po Toi Island (45 Minutes) → Victoria Harbour 

🔆 Our boats are available for pick-up and drop-off, and a direct route from Central Pier to Po Toi Island can be taken to shorten travel time significantly.

>>> Contact us for packages and details! <<<

1. Sightseeing & Hiking Tour

View From Nam Kok Tsui Lighthouse

💡 Suggested Route:

Victoria Harbour (Central Pier) → Po Toi Pier (45 Minutes) → Conch Rock (10 Minutes) → Ngau Wu Teng Pavilion (20 Minutes) → Monk Rock & Tortoise Rock (10 Minutes) → Nam Kok Tsui Lighthouse (10 Minutes) → Palm Cliff & Buddha’s Palm Rock (8 Minutes)  Po Toi Stone Carvings (15 Minutes) → Victoria Harbour 

After disembarking at Po Toi Pier, turn left and walk along the outskirts of the pier. Start up the mountain according to the signs. After about 10 minutes, you will see Conch Rock.

Conch Rock

Next, continue walking for 20 minutes to reach the highest point of the trail: Ngau Wu Teng Pavilion. Here, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Po Toi Island.

Ngau Wu Teng Pavilion

After taking in the sights at the top, walk down the pavilion’s stone steps for 10 minutes, and you will see Monk Rock and Tortoise Rock.

Monk Rock

Tortoise Rock

Next, follow the trail’s signs for another 10 minutes, and you will arrive at the famous Nam Kok Tsui Lighthouse. If you go to Po Toi on the right day, this weathered lighthouse is complemented by a background of blue skies and white clouds, making it a naturally popular picture-taking site for Hong Kong people.

Nam Kok Tsui Lighthouse

On the way back to the pier, you will see another strange rock formation that looks like the palm of a hand (Buddha’s Palm). This extremely recognizable feature of Po Toi is carved into Palm Cliff.

Buddha’s Palm

Continue to walk down the stone steps to the beach. In about 15 minutes, you will see one of Hong Kong’s Declared Monuments: Po Toi’s Stone Carvings. These carvings are roughly 3,000 years old, so they have faded considerably and are currently protected by a sheet of glass.

Po Toi Stone Carvings

Finally, return to Po Toi Pier, where you can then go and enjoy a fresh seafood dinner!

2. Seafood Dinner

Ming Kee Seafood Restaurant

💡Suggested Route:

Victoria Harbour (Central Pier) → Po Toi Island (45 Minutes) → Sightseeing & Hiking Tour → Seafood Dinner → Victoria Harbour 

🔆 Restaurant Recommendation: 

Ming Kee Seafood Restaurant is the only seafood restaurant on Po Toi Island. Since many tourists come from afar on the weekends, the quality of the food is absolutely guaranteed! Expect seafood that is local and fresh, and be sure to try some of their signature dishes, which include seaweed soup and salt & pepper prawns.

3. Camping

Camping At Po Toi

💡 Suggested Route:

Victoria Harbour (Central Pier) → Po Toi Island (45 Minutes) → Sightseeing & Hiking Tour → Seafood Dinner → Camping Site Near Nam Kok Tsui Lighthouse (40 Minutes From Pier) → Victoria Harbour  

Because there is no designated camping site on Po Toi Island, most people who come here to camp will simply set up their tents on any large expanse of flat grass. The ideal spot is the grassland near Nam Kok Tsui Lighthouse, about 40 minutes from Po Toi Pier. Here, you can easily set up camp!

(To get to this camping site, walk along the path next to the pier for a bit. Then, following the signs for Monk Rock and Tortoise Rock, go down the stairs for 10 minutes. Next, walk past the two rocks for another 10 minutes to reach the lighthouse, where you will find the camping site nearby.)

Tung Lung Chau

Nam Tong Island

Beach Of Tung Lung Chau

Tung Lung Chau, or Nam Tong Island, is an island a bit northeast from Po Toi. It is accessible in just one hour from Victoria Harbour, and it is relatively remote, making it a great place to quickly escape from the city.

💡 Suggested Route:

Victoria Harbour (Central Pier) → Tung Lung Chau (60 Minutes) → Victoria Harbour 

🔆 Our boats are available for pick-up and drop-off, and a direct route from Central Pier to Tung Lung Chau can be taken to shorten travel time significantly.

>>> Contact us for packages and details! <<<

1. Sightseeing & Hiking Tour

A Bird’s Eye View

💡 Suggested Route #1:

Victoria Harbour (Central Pier) → Tung Lung Pier (60 Minutes) → Camping Site (20 Minutes) → Tung Lung Fort (5 Minutes) → Ancient Stone Carvings (20 Minutes) → Observation Deck (45 Minutes) → Tung Lung Rock Carvings (20 Minutes) → Victoria Harbour 

Walk up along the small stone steps next to the pier, and you will see a taxi stand. Follow the signs to the left for about 20 minutes to reach the camping area.

(We recommend going left, as most people take this route due to its distance being shorter and its path being more accessible for both the young and the old; however, for those interested in something more challenging, the next suggested route will take you to the right!)

Walk forward for another 5 minutes to see one of Hong Kong’s Declared Monuments, Tung Lung Fort.

Tung Lung Fort

After making a round, you can walk to the right for several minutes to look at the island’s ancient stone carvings before turning back to the dock.

In addition to its historical monuments, Tung Lung Chau’s natural landscape is quite beautiful! Walk about 25 minutes from the pier to the island’s observation deck, where you can get a panoramic view of the clear blue sea.

View From Observation Deck

It takes about 20 minutes to get to the beach from the mountainous road next to the observation deck. Along the way, you can see another famous monument: Tung Lung Rock Carvings.

(Be careful – this path to the beach can be extremely steep!)

Tung Lung Rock Carvings

Finally, follow the signs of the trail to return to the dock.

💡 Suggested Route #2:

Victoria Harbour (Central Pier) → Tung Lung Pier (60 Minutes) → Ancient Stone Carvings (20 Minutes) → Luk Keng Wan (30 Minutes) → Peak Launch Tower (20 Minutes) → Tung Lung Fort (40 Minutes) → Victoria Harbour 

This route is a bit harder than the first one; consider it a trek off the beaten path! Please be aware of this, and be sure to pack the proper hiking gear, snacks, and plenty of water!

First, go up the small stone steps next to the pier, but this time, follow the signs to go to the right.

In about 20 minutes, the island’s ancient stone carvings can be seen.

Continue to walk along the trail for 30 more minutes, and you will reach Luk Keng Wan, a beautifully private beach.

Luk Keng Wan

After relaxing for a bit, walk 20 minutes to the mountain nearby, and you will see the peak of the island’s launch tower.

Peak Launch Tower

Walk down the mountain for 40 minutes into the camping area to see Tung Lung Fort.

Finally, return to the dock.

2. Picnic & Camping

Camping At Tung Lung

💡 Suggested Route:

Victoria Harbour (Central Pier) → Tung Lung Pier (60 Minutes) → Sightseeing & Hiking Tour → Camping Site → Victoria Harbour 

Interested in extending your day trip to two days and one night? Consider bringing some camping gear and setting up camp on one of the island’s hilltops for the evening!

Since the main camping site is flat and wide, it is the perfect spot for resting after a long hike, or even for flying kites! Also, there are barbecue pits nearby, so bring some food for the grill. You can even make dinner a picnic on the grass! Enjoy your freshly cooked meal with the sunset and open ocean as your view.

After reading, are you thinking about exploring one or both of these islands this weekend?

Click here to rent a boat for your next weekend trip!

Check out our other island recommendations!

Cheung Chau | Lamma Island


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Top 3 Things To Do On Hong Kong’s Lamma Island + Yacht Route Recommendation

Want to take a relaxing day trip this weekend, but don’t want to go too far?

Lamma Island is a great choice!

But what all is there to do on Lamma Island?

Well, look no further! We have integrated the top three activities, according to native Hong Kongers, so you know you’re getting the pro tips!

Equipped with these recommendations, you can arrange a fun weekend trip to Lamma Island for yourself!

Central Ferry Pier, Destination Lamma Island

Lamma Island is one of the most popular places in Hong Kong. It is about 35 minutes by boat from the city, making this island just a quick ferry ride away and a welcoming haven from all the hustle and bustle of Central.

Lamma is a multicultural place infused with flavors from both the East and the West. It attracts many visitors every year and has become a famous staycation spot for Hong Kongers to enjoy their long weekends and holidays.

Now, without further ado, we will now introduce the top three activities to enjoy on this charming island!

1. Island Sightseeing Tour

💡 Suggested Route: Board Ferry At Central Pier West #4 → Sok Kwu Wan, Lamma Island (35 Minutes) →  Sok Kwu Wan Street (2 Minutes) → Viewing Pavilion (1 Hour) → Wind Power Station (5 Minutes) → Hung Shing Yeh Bay Beach (20 Minutes) → Tin Hau Temple (20 Minutes) → Yung Shue Wan (5 Minutes) → Central Pier (35 Minutes)

After a short ferry ride from Central Pier, you will disembark at the Sok Kwu Wan Pier. (Some people will disembark at the Yung Shue Wan Pier and then walk from Sheung Wan to Sok Kwu Wan.) From there, you can easily find Sok Kwu Wan Street.

Sok Kwu Wan Ferry Pier

There are many restaurants and handicraft boutiques on and near Sok Kwu Wan Street, where you can eat fresh seafood, or buy some authentically decorated, handwritten letters.

Sok Kwu Wan Street

Continuing on, you can follow the signs for the Lamma Island Recreational Trail. Walking along it for about an hour, you will arrive at the viewing pavilion, where you can see gorgeous ocean views of Lantau Island and Cheung Chau.

Lamma Island Recreational Trail

Viewing Pavilion

If you walk for a few more minutes, you will see the island’s wind power station!

Wind Power Station

Continue to walk for 20 minutes, and you will reach the Hung Shing Yeh Bay Beach. The water here is clear and cool, and many people come to swim and sunbathe. If you are tired after your hike, you can take a break at this lovely beach, and feel the relaxing sea breeze. The scenery at dusk is quite beautiful too!

Hung Shing Yeh Bay Beach

There is also a small café near the beach that sells many different kinds of vanilla dishes. Here, you can enjoy a cup of vanilla tea!

Vanilla Café

Going forward for 20 more minutes, you will reach the ancient temple of Tin Hau. This temple has a history of more than 100 years! Make sure to get a picture of the pair of Western-Style stone lions guarding the entrance.

Tin Hau Temple

After passing the temple, you will soon arrive at Yung Shue Wan Street. Here, there are many handicraft shops, bars, restaurants, and cafés lining both sides of the street, full of island style!

During weekends and holidays, the public piers have rather long queues, and many people end up delaying their travels due to traffic. So, it may be a good idea to rent a boat to and from Lamma Island!

Here are some of our boat recommendations.

🔆 Recommended Boat #1: LA12D

🔆 Recommended Boat #2: JY01D

🔆 Recommended Boat #3: LK01D

2. Boat Party

Summer is usually extremely hot and humid in Hong Kong, so what if you don’t want to bake in the sun all day long? Another option is to experience the island by boat!

💡 Suggested Route: Board Ferry At Central Pier West #4 → Sok Kwu Wan, Lamma Island (35 Minutes) → Return To Victoria Harbour For A Night Cruise → Central Pier

Lamma Island’s Sok Kwu Wan is one of the most popular bays in Hong Kong. The water is clear, the landscape is lush, and you are bound to feel welcomed by the people of the island. For a unique sea view of Aberdeen, Repulse Bay, and Ocean Park, this bay is the best location!

Sok Kwu Wan Views

Because the water is so nice in this area, water sports and activities are very popular. Think inflatable slides, trampolines, banana boats, and more!

For dinner, experience the delicious local cuisine on board: fresh seafood! Just make sure you confirm the menu with us before your trip.

On the way back from Lamma Island to Central Pier, you can also see the stunning night views of Victoria Harbour, a perfect way to complete your day’s journey.

Victoria Harbour Night Views

3. Delicious Seafood Dinner

Those who visit Hong Kong’s outlying islands should, of course, try the local seafood, as it is deliciously fresh and made-to-order!

💡 Suggested Route: Board Ferry At Central Pier West #4 → Sok Kwu Wan, Lamma Island (35 Minutes) → Island Sightseeing Tour/Boat Party → Delicious Seafood Dinner → Central Pier (35 Minutes)

Note: Because the boat party only lasts for eight hours during the day, you’ll need to extend the rental period to include the evening if you want to dock at the island for dinner. Please carefully discuss your itinerary with the boat crew beforehand, as well as how to calculate any extra charges, as there may be a discount available!

Below are our recommendations of three popular seafood restaurants on Sok Kwu Wan Street.

🔆 Restaurant Recommendation #1: Rainbow Seafood Restaurant

This seafood hotspot has won a “Best Food” award. According to the restaurant’s signature dishes, be sure to check out the chili fried crab, ginger onion steamed fish, and garlic steamed shrimp!

🔆 Restaurant Recommendation #2: Tai Yuen Shark’s Fin Seafood Restaurant

Signature Dishes: Steamed Crab, Fried Prawns With Soy Sauce, and Salt and Pepper Oysters

🔆 Restaurant Recommendation #3: Wai Kee Seafood Restaurant

Signature Dishes: Fried Prawns With Soy Sauce, Fried Crab With Ginger, and Fried Clams With Black Bean Sauce

We hope you are inspired to travel to the charming Lamma Island this weekend!

Be sure to share any pictures you may take with us by tagging #yachtholimood 😊


Not enough time to try all of our recommendations in one day?

Consider staying the night, and continue the fun the next morning!

Click here to see our countless staycation options! <