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快艇滑水格價無難度 – 一分鐘睇曬wakeboard/wakesurf價錢

Hong Kong Speedboat Watersports Price Comparison Check Guide

Summer is here again, which means it’s the perfect time for watersports, specifically waterskiing! With so many different speedboats and watersports services available, it can be time-consuming to compare and find the right boat. How can we book our favorite speedboat in the shortest amount of time possible? Read this speedboat booking tutorial for a quick and easy way to find your perfect speedboat for waterskiing!

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STEP 1: Search for boat rental and watersports services on website

The first option in the search engine is the boat rental service option, which includes featured packages, daytime river cruises, nighttime squid fishing, evening parties, Wakeboard Wakesurf Jet Ski Flyboard, limited-time offer packages, Victoria Harbour fireworks, business receptions, weddings, team building activities, annual banquets, yacht free travel, viewing services, and DJ parties!

Since we are targeting waterskiing, we can directly select Wakeboard Wakesurf Jet Ski Flyboard!

The system will filter out the speedboats that meet your requirements based on the information you enter. The search results will show you the available speedboat services for rent on that day.

You can see the appearance and customer rating of each boat in real time. The information below will also provide details on the main facilities of each boat, whether or not they offer water activities, and whether they include rope or unrope waterskiing, etc. The most important thing is that you can see the rental price of the boat for that day!

Note! You can select the type of boat you want for your watersports activities.

STEP 3: Go to the speedboat page and check the detailed wakeboard/wakesurf price!

Click on the boat service page in the search result to check the detailed pricing and per capita charges.

Pricing Tips: Since the rental price of the boat is directly affected by the rental date, the same number of people and the same boat will have different charges on different days. Generally, speedboats and watersports activities on Saturdays and Sundays are more expensive. For example, the above two pictures show the waterski pricing calculator for the same boat on July 17th (Wednesday) and July 21st (Sunday). When it is Sunday, the price will be $1800. Since the fee for GA01W on Saturdays and Sundays is $1800 for 6 people or less, and the fee for Fridays is $1600 for 6 people or less, you can book different speedboats and watersports according to your needs!

Of course, each boat offers different services. Some speedboats include other water activities such as banana boat rides, in addition to rope or unrope waterskiing, while others require an additional fee for these services. Some boats offer super professional waterskiing coaches, while others offer experienced boat owners. Some boats go out to sea with larger groups, so use the following search function to find the most suitable boat for you!

STEP 4: Use the “order” function to narrow down your options

There is an “order” function at the top of the search interface, don’t miss it!
I think over 70% of people will choose the lowest price first!\

The first speedboat that appears in the search results is only $1100! That means each person can rent it for only $220 and go waterskiing! Quickly rent a boat and go waterskiing!

STEP 5: Choose your favorite speedboat and read the introduction and rules carefully

There is a lot of information to pay attention to, but the most important things to compare are the free water activities, price, and boarding and bay locations.

Note! Some speedboats only go to certain bays, not every bay in Sai Kung! If you want to go to more distant bays, remember to ask and see if there are additional fees. Otherwise, just choose another boat!

Pay attention! Sai Kung waterskiing usually takes place in Tso Wo Hang, because the boat trip is shorter, so you can spend more time skiing!

If you want to play for a longer time, you can also select the additional rental hours on your right! Have more fun and enjoy yourself!

It is also important to read the cancellation policy and adverse weather arrangements! Since waterskiing is an activity that depends on the weather, be sure to read these policies so you are not caught off guard!

STEP 6: Choose your waterskiing time (brand new instant booking system)

After choosing your favorite speedboat, you also need to choose when to go waterskiing! Introducing the only instant waterskiing booking system in Hong Kong, which allows you to quickly and easily see which dates and times are available for renting a speedboat to go waterskiing!

Note! Some boats have already started using the brand new instant booking system, while others will be added soon! Stay tuned!

As seen in the above picture, the new instant booking system will appear in the timetable column. The gray schedule represents the date that has already been rented out, while the green schedule represents the available time slot! This makes it easier for you to see which time slots are still available!

Using August 3rd as an example, we can see from the picture that only 09:00-10:00, 10:00-11:00, 13:00-14:00 are available for rent. This makes it even more convenient to find an available boat and go waterskiing!

If we take July 31 as an example, all the boat schedules on that day are available for rent on the real-time booking system, so you can choose the most suitable time for you to board the boat! However, keep in mind that a minimum of 2 hours or more is required for water sports so be sure not to overlook this!

STEP 7: Pay the yacht deposit

After selecting all the services and time slots, it’s time to proceed with payment! Once the boat operator receives your booking, they will double confirm the boat schedule (to avoid double booking) and then send you a confirmation email shortly after. You will have 24 hours from the time you receive the email to follow the payment instructions and complete the transfer.

Note! Remember to double-check whether you have selected wakeboarding or wakesurfing in the final step of payment!
If you realize that you have made a mistake only on the day of the water sports activity, it will be too late!

After submitting your booking, you can confirm your order and complete the booking process!

Do you feel that booking a boat for water sports is easier than you thought? Quickly visit our website to find the most suitable boat for you and go enjoy some water sports! Click here to search

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