[Tips for Boat Party] How to get to District, Sai Kung and Island Pier

The editor knows that besides caring about which bays are available for parking, everyone is also concerned about which pier is more convenient to get to on foot. Therefore, this time, the editor has specially integrated the information available for the pier and collected the fastest transportation to get to the pier for everyone’s reference.

I believe that everyone has searched how to get to the pier before departing on a ship, such as “How to get to Sai Kung Pier”, “How to get to Central Pier”, “How to get to Aberdeen Pier”, etc. It is troublesome to search every time, right? The table below provides everyone with the transportation methods to various piers, solving everyone’s troubles at once.


Transportation to Common Piers

💡 Currently, Yacht Holimood has multiple boats that provide drop-off and pick-up services at urban piers, and most piers such as Tsim Sha Tsui Pier and Central Pier do not require additional charges. For more information, please visit the Yacht Holimood website.

💡 Recommended urban yachts: LA08D, the party choice, large yachts include multiple water activities, catering, and beverage packages to choose from.

LA12D, the high-quality choice, newly renovated yachts with complete facilities, and multiple water activities, catering, and beverage packages to choose from.


Sai Kung Pier (Sai Kung Yacht does not require additional charges)

💡 In addition to common urban piers, Yacht Holimood also has multiple boats parked at different locations, such as Sai Kung Pier, Sai Kung Pak Sha Wan Pier, and Tuen Mun Gold Coast Yacht Club, providing the most convenient drop-off and pick-up points for different customers.

💡 Yacht recommendation: HG01D, the most enjoyable choice, including multiple water activities and a freshly made lunch by the boatman, as well as aerial photography services (can be inquired with the captain).

CH01D, the cost-effective choice, including speedboat packages and a freshly made lunch by the boatman.

💡 There are many piers available for drop-off and pick-up in Hong Kong. The above are just a list of more common and popular piers. Before booking a boat, everyone can first inquire with the captain.

Click <here> to inquire immediately.

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