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[Wakesurf Notes] What is the different on Surfing / Wakeboarding / Wake Surfing in Hong Kong?

Wake Surfing

What are the differences between Surfing, Wakeboarding, and Wake Surfing?

When it comes to Surfing, we think of people playing in the waves on their surfboards during typhoons or times of strong winds and rain. On the other hand, Wakeboarding is literally sliding on the surface of the water. And finally, what is Wake Surfing?

If you think you are still a beginner in water sports like Wake Surfing, you may find our beginner’s guide more suitable! This Fun Fact is more suitable for those who already have some understanding of Wake Surfing but want to improve their skills! Head over to the Beginner’s Guide now!


Simply put, Surfing is about using a surfboard to ride over waves. And the most important factor for Surfing is the weather – big waves are needed for Surfing. To Surf, the wind level on that day must reach level 4-5 or higher. During a typhoon, the wind level is usually high, making it perfect for Surfing. Therefore, you can always find surfers on the beach during typhoons. In addition to typhoons, the wind level in autumn and winter is also suitable for Surfing, as most of the wind comes from the northeast, making it perfect for two Surfing hotspots…Tai Long Wan and Sai Kung Tai Long Sai Wan.

Wake Surfing

So, do we have to wait forever for the wind?

Wake Surfing

Wake Surfing allows you to enjoy Surfing even on windless days. Wake Surfing is not affected by weather conditions, and you don’t have to risk your life chasing waves like in Surfing. It is an improved version of Surfing that uses a speedboat to turn and tilt the boat to create waves. The surfer can catch and ride the waves by pushing off the boat’s wake. The speedboat constantly moves, creating waves, making it less dangerous than Surfing, where you have to wait for big waves, and less energy-consuming than chasing waves. The gameplay is similar to Wakeboarding, using a rope to pull the body, but once stable, the surfer can release the rope and use their body to control left and right movements and acceleration, making it easier for the surfer to perform different tricks without the rope.

Wake Surfing

If you want to experience Wake Surfing like a pro, speedboat is your best partner!
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Speaking of Wakeboarding, what is it? Wakeboarding and Wake Surfing are only one letter apart, so there should be no difference, right? Wrong! Although both are not affected by weather conditions, Wakeboarding requires non-natural power, such as a cable or a speedboat, to create waves. The surfer also needs to wear shoes connected to the Wakeboard to slide on the water’s surface using the speedboat’s power. It is a relatively easy extreme sport to learn, but compared to Wake Surfing, the freedom of tricks is lower.

wake surfing

Although Wakeboarding has a lower freedom of tricks, to play it safely and professionally, you can’t miss the GA01W Sai Kung 270HP Speedboat, equipped with Bluetooth audio equipment on board to let you enjoy music while Wakeboarding.

So, what is the biggest difference between Wakeboarding and Wake Surfing?

The biggest difference is undoubtedly that Wakeboarding uses a rope, while Wake Surfing is ropeless! Besides this, there are some subtle differences that differentiate these two water sports! The following summarizes four obvious differences to help you understand Wakeboarding and Wake Surfing more deeply!

1. Distance from the boat

Compared to Wakeboarding, Wake Surfing can be performed at a closer distance to the boat, allowing Wake Surfers to communicate with friends and coaches on the boat at a close distance, without missing anything happening on the boat!

2. Is it easier to learn if you have played Skateboarding?

If you have played Skateboarding before, Wake Surfing may be easier to learn because the techniques used in Wake Surfing are similar to those used in Skateboarding. So if you can perform various tricks on a Skateboard on the ground, you can quickly pick up Wake Surfing!

3. The length of Wakeboards

In addition to the different techniques used, Wakeboards used in Wake Surfing are usually longer than those used in Wakeboarding, with a length of about 4-5 feet! For beginners, a longer surfboard is generally recommended because it is easier to learn.

4. What is an Inboard Speedboat?

For safety reasons, Wake Surfing requires an inboard speedboat because the propeller is installed at the bottom of the boat, preventing Wake Surfers from getting too close to the propeller and getting injured!

More knowledge, time to practice!

After understanding all the differences between Wakeboarding and Wake Surfing, are you eager to try them out? Summer is the perfect season for Wake Surfing. Imagine enjoying the sea breeze and the refreshing feeling of Wake Surfing on such hot days. So don’t hesitate anymore, book a speedboat and go Wake Surfing now! Click here to make an instant reservation

Although summer is indeed more suitable for Wake Surfing than autumn and winter, when autumn and winter come, a wetsuit can solve the question of “will it be too cold.” A well-fitting wetsuit can slow down the speed of water flowing in and out, and when the speed of water flowing in and out is slower than the rate at which the body produces heat, it creates a layer that keeps the body warm. In simple terms, a wetsuit keeps you warm. Super afraid of the cold? Don’t worry, there are dry wetsuits! Dry wetsuits are warmer than wet wetsuits, and the body will not get wet. However, in Hong Kong, the temperature is usually only around ten degrees Celsius, and wet suits are sufficient. Thicker dry wetsuits are too warm and will affect flexibility.

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