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2023 Latest Yacht Party Guide! How much is the price? Find out now!

Yacht parties are definitely worth a try, and those who clicked on this article are surely interested in the following:

1. How to prepare for a yacht party? Planning?

Hosting a yacht party is likely what you most want to know after clicking on this article. Here’s how to prepare for a yacht party!

2. Planning the party theme

The main purpose of hosting a yacht party can be for a birthday, company retreat, family vacation, etc., each with different requirements. The most important factor in a trip is the number of people, and as long as the selection of people is appropriate, the yacht party will definitely be a hit.

Number of participants

Estimating the number of participants for the yacht party is also very important because the number of people for a family vacation may not exceed five, while a company retreat may involve dozens of people, requiring different sizes of yachts. Just as there are different sizes of cars, yachts also come in different sizes to choose from. In planning a yacht party, it is important to have a rough idea of how many people will attend the event!


A successful yacht party not only considers the budget but also considers the smoothness and theme of the event schedule. However, a good budget can make the event more exciting. If you want to host a yacht party, you can click here to see the list of activities provided by the Goddess yacht to explore!

Inflatable slide
Water rocker
Water skiing

A successful yacht party can increase the fun and excitement of the event with the above three preliminary plans, and it can begin with the main event, which is choosing the yacht.

Yacht Party Budget

A good yacht party is not just about budget, but also about the smoothness and theme of the event schedule. However, a good budget can help make the event more exciting. If you want to host a yacht party, you can click here to see the list of activities provided by the Goddess yacht to explore!

Yacht party hardware equipment

Banana boat
Inflatable trampoline

For those who are hosting a yacht party for the first time, it is important to know the different aspects of choosing a yacht, which will be explained in the following paragraphs!

Yacht Party Prices? How much budget should be prepared?

The price of a yacht party is one of the most important things you want to know after clicking on this article, and the following will provide a detailed analysis of the price.

1. #AA01 – Multiple Play Styles

Why settle for just one play style on a boat? AA01 is perfect for mixing and matching and can be used for different types of water parties and family activities. Many people choose to park small yachts next to other large ships, which are suitable for large-scale water parties on the sea. Different types and styles of boats together make for an even more impressive experience!

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2. MQ01 – Free Water Facilities + Pet Friendly

MQ01 is one of the most popular Western-style yachts, and weekend dates fill up quickly, so be sure to book early if you’re interested. What sets MQ01 apart is the free provision of various types of water facilities, such as floating mats, floating bars, water bubbles, and inflatable rubber boats. Compared to other boats at a similar price, you have to pay extra to play with these facilities, but now MQ01’s price includes various water facilities, which is very cost-effective!

Pet owners can also consider MQ01 because most boats do not allow pets on board, or require a pet fee of 1000 yuan, which is quite expensive, but MQ01 only requires an additional fee of 250 yuan to bring pets to the outdoor area of the boat. How can you leave your furry friend behind? Let’s go on board and play together!

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Luxury Yacht ── Star Yacht Party Experience

It’s rare to gather all your friends for a sea trip, so why not set aside some budget and book a luxury yacht! Although the price is slightly higher, it guarantees the most unforgettable and fun first-class experience, plus many luxury yachts are offering discounts or promotional packages, which are actually not too expensive. The on-board facilities and services are like a five-star hotel, definitely worth it! This time, we recommend the luxury sailboat SL01 and the luxury Western-style yacht LA18!

1. SL01 – Luxury Sailboat

SL01 Lagoon luxury catamaran sailboat offers limited time promotional discounts, choose 6-hour Lagoon luxury catamaran sailboat with refreshments and free water activities or 8-hour Lagoon Party offer (with BBQ meal + water pool + sailing experience)! The Lagoon 450F is the most popular and successful model among French luxury catamaran sailboat brands, with an elegantly comfortable interior cabin and spacious glass body, providing natural light for the interior.

In addition to riding on a beautiful and luxurious ship, this promotion also includes free use of water pool, SUP board, floating bar, and other facilities, allowing you to enjoy water entertainment to the fullest. Plus, you’ll receive exquisite meals or barbecue meals (depending on the package) that include dishes such as pomelo duck salad, garlic-flavored Mexican rolls, fresh shrimp and crab meat salad puffs, barbecued chicken wings, and barbecued pork loin, making your mouth water just reading about them!

The square deck space at the bow of the ship is very spacious, allowing you to enjoy the sunset on the mesh and relax your mind and body. If the weather and wind conditions permit, you can also experience sailing for free on the day, taking the most fashionable photos for your social media. A luxury catamaran sailboat plus so many services and experiences, with complete equipment and luxury amenities, costs only 1100 yuan per person and is too tempting not to go! This promotion is very rare, so if you’re interested, be sure to make an appointment soon!

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2. LA18 – Luxury Western-style Yacht

LA18 is a rare luxury yacht that can dock at city piers, making it the first choice for distinguished banquets. The luxury yacht can be tailored and arranged according to guests’ needs, including itinerary, catering, decoration, and performances, etc. (additional charges apply). Therefore, it is not only suitable for holding large-scale sea parties but also very suitable for entertaining VIPs and conducting corporate events. There are currently discounts available, with $9,100 off on weekdays from Monday to Friday and a whopping $19,500 off on Saturdays and Sundays!

The yacht is equipped with various special facilities, such as a bar area in the cabin specially designed for a group of alcoholics, where you can relax and have a perfect cocktail party! There are also karaoke and three private rooms inside, which are spacious, comfortable, and luxurious in decoration. Outside, there is a large sun deck where you can enjoy first-class sunbathing and ensure you and your family and friends have a pleasant and wonderful sea journey!

The boarding fee already includes light food and drinks, including sandwiches, crispy shrimp toast, chicken wings, dim sum platter, etc. We also provide many free water toys, such as floats, stand-up boards, canoes, water mats, and inflatable trampolines. If you want to play more exciting water activities, you can also purchase additional inflatable slides, wakeboard skiing banana boats, wakesurfing (limited to the southern area) at an extra cost. You will definitely have a blast!

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How to Choose the Right Yacht for a Yacht Party?

Choosing the right boat for a yacht party requires considering the number of people, as well as the theme and budget of the event.

For small American speedboats, they are suitable for short trips and sea viewing trips. But if you want to hold a party, the editor still recommends choosing a large party yacht. Even if the number of people is small, you can charter the entire boat to enjoy a unique party experience!

💬How to get to various Sai Kung piers?

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By the end, don’t you already want to go out to sea with your family and friends and party?

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