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Where to Eat in Aberdeen Hong Kong – Local Traditional Fish Noodles

When people mention about Aberdeen, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Ocean Park? Nam Kee? Jumbo Seafood Kingdom? Or the unique but rarely seen boat noodles? I believe if you asked people who live outside Aberdeen, they may respond with the first few options.

However, if you asked the Aberdeen residents, they will probably reply with, “Aberdeen is all about boat noodles!

I guess most of you have heard about boat noodles before, but what actually is boat noodles? How is it different from the typical noodles? And where can you actually get them in Aberdeen?

Although boat noodles may not be as common as other Hong Kong representative food, (such as pineapple buns and egg tarts), the history of boat noodles is just as important and unique!

What’s the origin of Boat Noodles?

As most of you guys have already known, Hong Kong used to be an important import and export harbor during the 80’s. Whereas Aberdeen is one of the most significant harbors during that time. In the 80’s, there were tons of boats being parked at Aberdeen, some of them were living boats, while others were fishing boats.  Thereby establishing a unique and self-sufficient water community.

There were a lot of fishermen, who spent most of their time on board, at that time. In order to bring convenience to them, and maximize their working time, boat noodles were invented. Fishermen could then enjoy a delicious meal on board without wasting their time to get on shore.

However, as Hong Kong has developed into an international financial centre, most fishermen have brought their homes back to ground. Thus, there is only a few boats that make boat noodles left. From my understanding, nowadays, there are only two remaining boats that do boat noodles in Aberdeen!

What’s the difference between boat noodles and typical noodles?

Since boat noodles is made on board, you may think it will be mainly seafood-based. However, it is actually the exact opposite of what you may have guessed!

According to the owners of boat noodles, since fishermen have spent most of their time on board already, they were indeed sick of seafood. Also, as fishermen didn’t have much time to get onshore, they preferred meat and vegetables to seafood.

If you would like to know where can you try boat noodles, just keep on reading! 

How is boat noodles made?

Firstly, the fish soup base is made with fish meat that is dried before being cooked. Also, the soup has to be boiled for at least two hours, and it will only be supplied on the day that is made.  Then, the chef will boil the noodles, and customers can choose from fish balls, fish slices, roast pork, roast goose or beef to go with the noodles. Although the procedures may sound simple, the work that is needed for it is actually pretty complicated. Thus, the traditional boat noodles is definitely worth a try! 

Do you want to try this traditional boat noodles? Although it is difficult to find boat noodles nowadays, you can still get your hands on it from ‘Lau Kee’ traditional boat noodles!

Where can I enjoy my boat noodles?

Even if you get to try the boat noodles, you still need a pleasant place to enjoy your meal, right? You will definitely not enjoy your meal if you have to stand and eat on the street. However, it is hard to find a nice place to eat if you are not living in Aberdeen. With that being said, where can I enjoy my boat noodles in peace?

Have you ever thought of getting the freshly cooked boat noodles delivered right to your door? Then you will be able to enjoy your boat noodles in peace!

Enjoy your boat noodles on the Houseboat!

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You just have to tell “Lau Kee” to come to “Yee Lei Sai Ga“, then you will be able to enjoy your boat noodles on board!

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