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(2023 ver.) One Minute Guide To Junk Boat Parties [Checklist Of 11 Essential Tips]

Before you go on your next boat party, check out our quick list of 11 essential tips!

Are you planning on attending a boat party in the near future?

Do you feel like you’re well-equipped with just your swimsuit?

In fact, there are a lot of things to prepare…

So, read this super-quick, one-minute guide before you go!  You’ll thank us!

1. Confirm whether the boat will provide food and drinks.

When booking a boat, remember to double-check what the price of the boat is, and whether it will provide food and drinks.

Boat Party TipsThe easiest way to check if a boat includes a meal is to look for a single category within the details box (shown above).

If the vessel includes meal options, please check the menus provided by the boat in the description on that same page.

Many boat owners will include catered food, or cook fresh food on board.

If they do not provide meal options, you can purchase food packages on our website here.

We offer a wide selection of food from all over the world, as well as the option to settle the payment at the pier, which is extra convenient!

2. Pack light clothing.

Boat Party Tips

You may think that if you remain in the boat cabin, or if you don’t strip down to your swimsuit, you’ll be safe from the sun.

Even so though, you will be exposed to the sunlight reflected by the sea.

Therefore, choose the best sunscreen and lightweight clothes to wear for your day out on the water.

If you are planning to engage in water activities, of course, remember to bring your swimsuit and flip flops, or wear them underneath your light cover up!

3. Bring floats/inflatables and air pumps.

Boat Party Tips

Floats/inflatables make for great props in the never-ending quest to up your IG game.

It’s also a good idea to bring a small air pump so you aren’t stranded with a deflated piece of plastic.

Boat Party Tips [Beer Pong]

If you want to buy the floating beer pong bed separately…

…get it on our one-stop float shop now for a limited time!

4. Remember towels!

Boat Party Tips

The towel’s glorious function does not need to be explained.

In addition to keeping annoying sweat beads at bay, towels can also dry you off after you jump in the cool water. They are simply a must!

5. Pack sun protection equipment.

Boat Party Tips

Sunburns are truly the bane of my summer existence, and I’m sure many others feel the same way.

During the day, the boat will be out on the sea for sometimes up to eight hours, and the ultraviolet rays attracted may add up to a whole year’s worth!

If you are afraid of getting sunburned, remember to apply enough sunscreen before you set out, and make sure to keep applying it every two hours.

Another must-have item for the boat is, of course, sunglasses.

In addition to protecting your eyes from UV rays, sunglasses can also be chic!

6. Take motion sickness pills, if needed.

Boat Party Tips

One of the worst things to happen while partying is that sudden feeling of motion sickness or nausea, especially if you’re drinking.

If you know you will get seasick, remember to take a motion sickness pill half an hour to two hours before boarding!

Of course, you can always bring them even if you don’t know that you’ll need them, as someone else may!

7. Consider a waterproof bag for your electronics.

Boat river preparation

If your phone/camera is not waterproof, you can also bring your own waterproof bag.

Some people go out of their way to buy theirs with cute designs and so on, while others opt for a simple plastic baggy.

Whichever you choose, consider doing so to prevent your electronics from becoming a one-time consumable!

8. Bring shampoo and shower gel.

Boat river preparationMany boats provide showering equipment on board so that you can get out and get clean after you have finished with any water activities.

Boat Party TipsYou can check on our website in the amenities & services category if there is any showering equipment provided. If the boat has a showering area, it will be listed here.

Some boat owners even provide shower gel; however, if you want to use your own shampoo and shower gel, you may wish to bring it onto the boat.

9. Keep your phone charged with a mobile charger.

Boat river preparation

Although some boats will provide USB charging, it is good to stay prepared by bringing a mobile charger, just in case!

After all, no one wants their phone to die when the boat party is only halfway over. How else will you take pictures for social media?

You can check if the boat in question has USB charging in the aforementioned amenities & services category.

10. Get the perfect shot with your camera.

Boat river preparation

When going to a boat party, be sure to bring a camera to capture the countless picture-perfect moments!

Whether you want to commemorate the most beautiful sea view from the deck, or you want to record your most heroic moments in the water, cameras are indispensable for this type of event, and a waterproof camera is even better!

11. Cool off with plenty of ice!

Before you book a boat, you should first check whether the coolers on board are equipped with ice, or if you’ll need additional ice.

There may not even be coolers on board, in which case you’ll need to prepare them yourself, and bring ice as well.

With plenty of ice, drinks can be kept frozen all day long, so you can get a refreshing taste anytime!

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