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【Sai Kung Bay】Boat Party’s popular routes and recommended locations

Want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and relax on holidays? Sai Kung is a great choice. Sai Kung is a popular spot for boat parties, and one of the reasons must be because of the picturesque scenery and the distance from the city. Whether you want to focus on water activities, enjoy the natural beauty, or go to a secluded place, this article will definitely help you! I have compiled three routes and information for Sai Kung that will “satisfy your three wishes at once”!

1. Water activity route

Closer to the pier and more suitable for those who want to play water activities *

If you want to spend more time on water activities, then the bays closer to the pier are the most suitable.

For example, Nam Fung Bay, Lung Kan Wan, Tai She Wan, and Half Moon Bay are relatively easy to reach and have shorter boat trips, so you can quickly engage in various water activities in about half an hour.

Half Moon Bay is known for its top-rated beach in Hong Kong, with tender white sand and clear sea water. The water is so clear that you can see small fish, and it’s great fun to play with them.半月灣

🙋 All boats of YachtHolimood can dock at Nam Fung Bay, Lung Kan Wan, Tai She Wan, and Half Moon Bay without additional charges.

2. Enjoy nature route

Geological tour by sea

In addition to the blue sea, Sai Kung’s unique geological environment and geoparks are its special features. If you prefer nature, you can refer to the following bay routes.

Recommended route: Bridge Tsui Chau → Sha Tong Hau, Hanging Bell Island → Po Pin Chau → Leung Sheung Wan → Salt Field Tsz


Departing by sea, you can easily visit multiple scenic spots in Sai Kung in a day, and enjoy the coastline scenery that has a history of billions of years, including rock gardens, connected sandbars, sea caves, and giant rock pillars, etc. It takes about 4 hours to visit multiple scenic spots.

If you want to learn more about Sai Kung’s geological attractions, you can click here to browse.

🙋 Everyone should note that not all boats can dock or pass by the above attractions. It depends on the decision of the captain, and extra charges may be required. Please pay attention. (Because every boat and every captain is different, remember to ask clearly when booking a boat!)

There are more yachts available, you can click here to search.

3. Hidden island route

Secret paradise, vacation sanctuary

If you want to find a quieter place with fewer people, you can refer to the following bays. However, the boat trip time is relatively long, and it may take an hour to reach the destination.

As we all know, Long Ke, Tai Long Wan are known for their clear water and tender sand, and Tai Long Wan even has the reputation of being the Maldives of Hong Kong.


Long Ke is also a hidden beach surrounded by mountains on three sides.浪茄 大浪西灣

“Hidden” is called hidden because it is difficult to reach and has a zero-pollution natural environment that is completely different from the city. So if you want to isolate yourself from the world, enjoy the sun, and engage in a series of water activities, Bai Lo, Long Ke, and Tai Long Wan are definitely the best choices.

🙋 However, please note that because Bai Lo, Long Ke, and Tai Long Wan are relatively remote and difficult to navigate, extra charges are usually required, and it depends on the weather and sea conditions.

🙋 The cost of going to Long Ke and Tai Long Wan ranges from $800 to $2000, depending on the captain’s arrangements.

Actually, all the captains of YachtHolimood are very experienced. You can trust them to arrange the most suitable bay for you based on the weather and sea conditions of the day.

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