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Where to Stay in Hong Kong 2022 – New Aesthetic Aberdeen Houseboat

With the hectic work life lying ahead, having a short getaway with your beloved ones may seem impossible. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the same level of happiness while keeping your passport safe at home. Fortunately, Hong Kong is a place full of amazing staycation deals, which allows you to find the best alternative to a relaxing trip away from the city. 

Other than the typical vacation houses and camping cars in Cheung Chau or Lamma Island, Aberdeen, also provides amazing staycation options. Ever since the South Island line is launched, Aberdeen has become an easily accessible place, and more hidden gems of it are discovered.  Not only that, Aberdeen is one of the few places in Hong Kong that offers houseboat staycation experience. Their cozy houseboats will definitely refine your definition of staycation.

This brand new Japanese cozy houseboat is newly furnished, and the interior looks really similar to the trending Japanese Muji hotel. Unlike typical yachts, you can stay overnight on this houseboat while enjoying the cozy living environment. Moreover, you will be able to try the Aberdeen exclusive boat noodle during your stay.

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If you would like to know what you can do on this houseboat, feel free to take a look at my experience of spending 2D1N on it.

Houseboat check-in guide – transportation

Firstly, the houseboat will be parked at the Aberdeen Harbour. Customers will have to take the “Sampan” from the Ap Lei Chau/Aberdeen Pier, in order to get to the houseboat. It will take around 3 minutes to walk from the Lei Tung MTR A1 exit to Ap Lei Chau Hung Shing Temple Pier.

As of my own experience, since me and my friends were able to check in around 3PM, we arrived at the pier and met up with the boat owner around 3PM. We then took the Sampan to the houseboat (the ride took approximately 5 minutes, and each ride only costs $10-20 HKD, so it is really convenient).

However, if you find Aberdeen a bit too far, we do offer houseboat staycations in the downtown area as well! 👉 Click here for more information

What’s on the houseboat?

When me and my friends got onto the houseboat, our first response is, “Wow, this houseboat is so spacious and nicely decorated! It really does look like those Muji hotels in Japan!”

The moment we got on, we first saw a really relaxing balcony with two outdoor benches, which is perfect for a chill evening.

When you walk pass the balcony, you will then see the living room. The living room is really spacious and nicely decorated, which is perfect for different occasions. Cli

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Moreover, this houseboat is just as well-equipped as the typical vacation houses and hotels!

Wifi, air-conditioner, basic utensils, bedding – pillow, blanket, HD television, microwave oven, stove and kitchen etc. are all provided on the houseboat! Thus, you can make your own meal during your stay, and have a full experience of living on board.

Best Spot for Taking Instagram Worthy Pics

Other than all the facilities on board, this aesthetic corner in the living room is definitely my personal favorite! If you took pictures at this spot, people may actually think this is taken in a Japanese hotel because it is so aesthetic and pretty!

This houseboat contains 3 floors of living space and 4 bedrooms. Including: 1 master bedroom with King Size bed, 1 bedroom with Double bed, 2 bedrooms with Single bed, and 2 bathrooms: (main bathroom with a jacuzzi).

Most of the rooms have the view of the Aberdeen harbor, and they are all decorated in a Japanese style. Thus, they are all really relaxing and classy.

On the other hand, I understand houseboat might be a relatively new staycation option, and you guys may have some questions regarding to spending your weekend/holiday on a houseboat. However, don’t worry! I had the exact same concern with you guys before actually trying it out. Thus, I hope my firsthand houseboat encounter will clear out some of your inquiries about this new staycation option.

Houseboat Q & A

Q: Waves and dizziness to be expected?

A: After my own experience, it is actually way less dizzier than what I have expected. The houseboat is parked at a location in which only minimal amount of waves can be expected. Thus, a slight amount of swing will be caused only when other yachts passed by. Therefore, the houseboat is actually really stable most of the time!

Q: What can you do on board?

A: You can cook, watch netflix/movies, as well as watching sunset/sunrises. However, one of the reasons of going on a staycation is to take a rest, so just chill back and relax on this houseboat!

Want to know what you can do in Aberdeen? Take a look at our restaurants and activities recommendations!

Q: What is the minimum stay for this houseboat?

A: From my understanding, the minimum required stay is 1 night. Yet, I strongly recommend you to spend 2 or more nights, in order to have a full experience on board.

Q: Is there room service if I need anything from the ground?

A: Of course there is! Whenever you need anything from the ground, such as food and beverages, you just need to call or SMS the number that is provided in the information guide, and they will bring them on board. Yet, you will have to pay certain amount of service fee, depending on the service that you choose.

Q: Is the water and electricity supply sufficient?

A: Yes, it is. We have a 24 hours water and electricity supply, that is located onshore. The water, that is provided on board, is edible after boiling. Please turn off all the electronic appliance after using it, and please turn off all the lights and air conditioners before leaving, to prevent wastage and over usage of energy.

Aberdeen Exclusive – Boat Noodles

One of the highlights of going to Aberdeen is definitely trying the Aberdeen exclusive boat noodles. From my understanding, nowadays, there are only two remaining boats that do boat noodles in Aberdeen!

Since the boat owner has the contact information of one of the boats that sells boat noodles, you can enjoy this dish during your stay. As long as you let the boat owner knows beforehand, he will help you to order and deliver right to your door! During my stay, I tried it as well and it is pretty good and surprising! The boat noodle has ingredients such as chicken thigh, fish balls, roasted pork, lettuce etc. In my opinion, it is really worth a try!

If you want to know more about boat noodles, click here for more information.

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If you find Aberdeen a bit too far, we do offer houseboat staycations in the downtown area as well!  Click here for more information

If houseboat is not your thing, we offer different kinds of yachts as well! Click here for more information

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