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$10 Floating Beer Pong -Favorite Junk Boat Charter Party Accessory

Get on board with this classic party favorite!

Boat parties are well-known for their giant inflatable slides, entertaining water sports, and cute themed floats. But what about drinking games? What about the most popular drinking game of all?

That’s right, BEER PONG. But we’re not talking about the traditional version, complete with red solo cups on a wobbly table. We’re talking about floating beer pong! 

For those who love to party on the water, combining drinking and water activities into one fun game is the obvious next step!

船河 beer pong

Enjoy a floating beer pong game in the pool or ocean this summer!

Play the game made so popular in Europe and America!

As many of you may already know, beer pong is a very popular party game among young people in Europe and America. This game has gradually become popular in Hong Kong as well, especially in the form of beer pong bars, and the pastime is now quite widespread.

The setup and rules are quite simple; first, place 10 cups in a triangle formation (to be filled with beer, of course!) on either side of a table. Keep a spare cup filled halfway with water to wash off the designated ping pong ball between shots. Then, take turns trying to get the ball into one of the cups on the opponent’s side. If the shot is made, the other party must remove the cup the ball landed in, and chug the beer in the cup. The game can be played 1 on 1 , or in teams of 2.

There are lots of other variations to the game as well, such as whether or not “bounce shots” are counted, as well as how far past the edge of the table elbows can go. The objective, however, remains the same: be the first to get rid of all the cups on your opponent’s side!

The attractiveness of this game really lies in the simplicity and versatility of it. Beer pong is easy enough to set up and learn, and it is versatile enough to modify and change up to fit first-time players, or more advanced shot-takers. Overall, it’s a fun way to bring people together at a party while incorporating party’s best friend: alcohol!

船河 beer pong

Chris Evans VS. Jimmy Fallon – Beer Pong Edition

Why floating beer pong?

We’ve now covered how to play traditional beer pong, the drinking game played all over the world. But what about floating beer pong?

Well, it’s played exactly the same way, except out on the waters of any pool or ocean, so it’s just as easy to learn and modify!

Easily place your cups into our floating beer pong bed’s custom holders without fear of any waves washing them away.

Our floating beer pong beds are made of high-quality PVC and a well-designed double inflatable mouth to make game time easier and more convenient.

During these hot summer days (and boat party season), drinking an ice-cold beer while cooling off in the water is especially nice, which is why floating beer pong and summer boat parties are a perfect match!

船河 beer pong

Beer Pong + Boat Parties = A Match Made In Heaven!

So, what are you waiting for? Snag one of your own for your next pool or boat party!

Now, when you book a day trip on our boat charter platform, you can redeem a $10 Floating Beer Pong Bed!

*Free shipping for orders over 700 HKD, OR pick up at our Kwun Tong office between 10:30 AM and 7:00 PM.
*Please confirm with us in advance if picking up.
*Only one discount can be applied per transaction.
*Only available while stocks last.
*Please complete ordering and payment at least 3 days before boarding.

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