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【Yacht Rental】2024 Latest Yachting Prices + Recommended Luxury Yachts

Planning a boat party in Hong Kong? We recommend the best cruisers and junk boats for you and provide one-stop yacht activity arrangements, play with inflatable slides, floating swimming pool and other summer water toys at a boat party.

Small Western-style Yachts ── The Choice for Small Groups

Who says you need a large group to enjoy yacht parties? There are actually many small Western-style yachts on the market that are suitable for groups as small as 10 people. These yachts are perfect for 1-2 families or a group of 1-2 friends. We recommend the following yachts: AA01, QY01, MQ01, and RI01. Prices range from $450-$800 per person and can accommodate 16-28 people. (The number of passengers may be adjusted according to epidemic prevention policies.)

Common Features of Four Western-style Yachts:

  • City Yachts: Multiple embarkation and disembarkation points in the city, such as Central, Tsim Sha Tsui, Causeway Bay, Kwun Tong, North Point, etc., making it very convenient.
  • Fully Equipped: Fully Equipped: Basic equipment such as air conditioning, refrigerator, TV/screen, bathroom, shower facilities, etc., as well as a variety of entertainment facilities such as dice cups, mahjong, cards, karaoke, etc. (Different yachts may vary.)
  • Various Water Activities: Free basic water sports facilities such as floating mats, floating tubes, water bubbles, and inflatable rafts. Additional water activities such as water pools, inflatable trampolines, banana boats, and standing boards can also be added. (Different yachts may vary.)

What are the differences between four Western-style Yachts?

1. #AA01 – Many Activities

Why have only one type of activity when you can mix and match with AA01? It’s perfect for different types of water parties and family activities. Most people choose to park this small yacht next to other large yachts, which is suitable for several groups of people to have a large water party together. Different types and styles of yachts parked together make for an even more impressive experience!

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2. #QY01 – Customized Services

If you want to find a yacht tailored to your needs, don’t miss QY01, which can meet your high demands for yacht parties! Yacht customization services include birthday, wedding, anniversary, and other events. The professional team will prepare everything carefully and beautifully to meet your needs. If needed, they can also arrange waiter service and professional barbecue service (additional barbecue stove and food are required), allowing guests to enjoy themselves on board with ease.

Currently, booking a yacht at Kwun Tong Pier can get an additional $1000 discount. For business events, an additional free one-hour venue decoration time (boarding at Kwun Tong Pier, please book in advance) is also available.

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3. #MQ01 – Free Water Equipment + Pet-friendly

MQ01 is a popular Western-style yacht that quickly sells out on weekends. Interested parties should book early. The attraction of MQ01 is that it provides a variety of water equipment for free, such as floating mats, floating tubes, water bubbles, and inflatable rafts. Compared to other yachts of similar prices, these are usually additional costs. Now, one price includes different water equipment, which is very cost-effective!

If you have pets, you can also consider MQ01. Most yachts prohibit pets or require a pet fee of $1000, but MQ01 only requires an additional $250 to bring your pet outdoors on the yacht. How can you leave your furry friend behind for a yacht party? Let’s go on board together!

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4. #RI01 – Luxury Princess Brand

For only $700 per person, you can party on a luxury Princess Western-style yacht! The yacht deck has a large sunbathing bed where you can lie down and enjoy the warm summer sun. In addition, the stern is large and spacious, perfect for playing in the water. There is also a rest area on the upper level, which is ideal for enjoying the sea view, sea breeze, and drinking with friends. In addition to water activities, the yacht can also rent fishing equipment, allowing you to experience the joy of fishing!

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Classic Yachts ── The Choice for Large Sea Parties

“If the boat is too small, I have many friends. Are there any large and cost-effective yachts?” Okay, we got you! We recommend two classic junk boats: LT01 & TK01. Both have multiple embarkation and disembarkation points in the city, such as Central, Tsim Sha Tsui, Causeway Bay, etc., and the price is only $300-400 per person for an 8-hour yacht party!

What are the differences between two Western-style Yachts?

1. #LT01 – Water Activities + Catering Included

If you want the most cost-effective package that includes water activities and catering, LT01 is the perfect choice! The rental fee includes Thai catering and inflatable water toys such as floating mats, water bubbles, and floating beds. You don’t need to think about anything, just bring your friends on board. The space on board is large and clean, and even 30 people on board won’t feel crowded. We especially recommend the wide and spacious deck location, where a large group of friends can sit in a row and take photos without any problem! In addition, there are many bean bag sofas on the upper level, which is a great choice for sitting back and enjoying the sea breeze.

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# TK01 – Air-Conditioned Junk Boat

TK01 is a classic yacht that can accommodate up to 54 people. The interior space is spacious, the roof is huge, and the boat party is first-class. Although it is a Junk Boat, it is rare to have an air-conditioned indoor space on board. If you feel tired or too hot, you can rest in the air-conditioned area, recharge, and then play again. In addition, the yacht offers multiple routes for going out to sea. You can leave from the city to Sai Kung Bay, the Southern District Bay, and Clear Water Bay without extra charge. The journey is relatively longer, but it is suitable for those who want to go to farther and less crowded areas to play.

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Luxury Yacht – Grand Party Experience

Rarely do you get the chance to invite friends to go out to sea, so why not budget for a luxury yacht! Although the price is a bit expensive, it guarantees the most unforgettable and fun first-class experience. Now many luxury yachts are offering discounts or promotional packages, so the price is not too expensive. The facilities and services on board are like those of a five-star hotel, definitely worth the price! This time, I recommend luxury sailboat SL01 and luxury Western-style yacht LA18 to everyone!

1. SL01 – Luxury Sailboat

SL01 Lagoon luxury catamaran yacht offers limited-time promotional offers, you can choose 6-hour Lagoon luxury catamaran yacht with tea and free water activities or 8-hour Lagoon Party promotion (with BBQ meal + water pool + sailing experience)! Lagoon 450F is a French luxury catamaran yacht brand. It is its most popular and successful model. The interior design of the cabin is elegant and comfortable, and the wide glass on the hull provides natural light for every part of the interior.

In addition to playing on a high-end yacht, this offer also includes free use of water pool, SUP Board, float, and other facilities, allowing you to enjoy water activities to the fullest. Exquisite meals or BBQ meals will be provided (depending on the package), including chicken and pomelo salad duck, garlic Mexican rolls, fresh shrimp and crab salad puffs, BBQ chicken wings, BBQ pork saddle, etc. (depending on the package). It’s hard not to drool!

The square deck space at the bow of the ship is very spacious. You can enjoy the sunset on the net and relax. If the weather and wind direction permit, you can experience sailing for free, take the most stylish check-in photos, and it’s a rare opportunity. The luxury catamaran yacht offers so many services and experiences, with complete and luxurious on-board facilities, and the cost per person is only $1100 and up. It’s tempting to hear about it and want to set off immediately! This offer is rare, so make a reservation quickly if you are interested!

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2. LA18 – Luxury Western-style Yacht

LA18 is a luxury yacht that can be docked at urban piers, and is a choice for noble banquets. Luxury yachts can tailor-make and arrange special items such as itineraries, catering, decorations, and performances for guests (additional fees apply). Therefore, it is not only suitable for large-scale sea parties, but also for entertaining VIPs and conducting corporate activities. Recently, there is a discount of $9,100 on weekdays from Monday to Friday, and a huge discount of $19,500 on Saturdays and Sundays!

The boat is equipped with various special facilities, such as a bar area in the cabin designed for wine lovers, where you can chill out and have a cocktail party on the boat, it’s perfect! There is also karaoke and three private rooms indoors, which are spacious and comfortable, and luxurious in decoration. There is also a large sun deck outdoors, where you can enjoy top-notch sunbathing, and guarantee you and your family and friends will have a pleasant and satisfying sea journey!

The boarding fee includes light meals and drinks, including sandwiches, crispy shrimp toast, chicken wings, dim sum platter, etc., and there are also many free water toys provided, such as floats, upright boards, kayaks, floats, and inflatable trampolines. If you want to play more exciting water activities, you can also pay extra for inflatable slides, wakeboarding with banana boat, wakesurfing without rope (limited to the southern district), and have a fun and unforgettable experience.

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Summer boat schedules are filling up quickly, so make a reservation quickly if you are interested!


Question: What is the price of Starship P/boat rental?

Answer: It depends on the type of yacht and the number of people. Please contact the yacht company for more information.

Question: How to choose a yacht?

Answer: 1. If you want more convenience, you can choose a yacht that can be docked in the city. 2. For water activities, it is necessary to choose a yacht that provides free water activity facilities such as floats, water noodles, and water bubbles. If not, you need to purchase them separately.

Question: In the pandemic, how many people can a yacht accommodate?

Yachts belong to the category of party rooms. The latest capacity limit starting from May 19th is 75%. For example, if the maximum capacity of a yacht is 40 people, the maximum capacity will be reduced to 30 people due to epidemic prevention measures. As the government updates epidemic prevention information irregularly, please refer to the Government News for the latest details.

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