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Top 3 Recommended All-Inclusive Night Junk Boat Party Packages in Hong Kong

Are you unsure of how to organize the perfect night junk party?

Looking at all the different night junk party search results, but don’t know where to start from?

What is the best route for a night junk party?

Are food and beverages, and activities included in all these packages?

Don’t worry! We understand all your questions and concerns. Thus, this blog will tackle all your worries and inquiries, while offering you the best and most suitable ALL-INCLUSIVE night junk party deals for you!

Regarding the yacht rental platforms in Hong Kong, there are various options that customers can choose from, but most of them are quite complicated, not user-friendly, and inconvenient.

Yacht Holimood now has several ALL-INCLUSIVE NIGHT PARTY PACKAGES, which includes numerous entertainment facilities (e.g. Nintendo Switch, mahjong, karaoke sound system etc.), plentiful drinks (both alcoholic & non-alcoholic), delicious food (e.g. Thai, Japanese, etc.), and even Shisha. 

 These ALL-INCLUSIVE NIGHT PARTY PACKAGES provide you with the utmost convenience, so you can have the best night junk party with ease!

If you want to know more about ALL-INCLUSIVE DAYTIME PACKAGES, click HERE
🧐 These packages are ranked by our recommendations.

1. Small Group Gathering Night Party Room Package (✩✩✩✩✩)

Proudly presents the first ever party room on board! This package is perfect for small group gatherings, not only you can enjoy different kinds of entertainment facilities (e.g. Nintendo Switch, mah jong, and karaoke sound system etc.), but also the first ever Shisha on board!

◇ Mon to Fri: 12 persons or below $4560, +$380/extra head
◇ Sat & Sun: 15 persons or below $5700, +$380/extra head
◇ Maximum capacity: 35 guests
◇ Hop aboard and drop off at city
✅ Shisha (+$300.00 each)
✅ Food (F&B is not included, but add-on F&B service can be provided)
✅ Drinks (but add-on F&B service an be provided)

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2. Free Flow Alcohol & Thai Food Night Junk Package (✩✩✩✩✩)

This package looks familiar right? It is the same as its daytime package, except this one is only available at night. This package provides unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, as well as Thai food buffet! Thus, this package is perfect for all party occasions!

◇ Mon to Fri: 20 persons or below $11600, +$580/extra head
◇ Sun,Sat: 25 persons or below $18750, +$750/extra head

◇ Maximum capacity : 50 guests
◇ Hop aboard and drop off at city
✅ Cuttlefish Catching
✅ Food (Thai-Style Buffet)
✅ Drinks (Alcoholic & Non-Alcoholic, Including Cocktails)

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3. All-Inclusive Menu and Free Flow Drink Night Junk Package (✩✩✩✩)

(💡 Friendly reminder: The selected packages’ boat will be arranged according to the number of guests, so your boat may be different from the one advertised.)

If board games and cuttlefish fishing are not your thing, what about enjoying the sunset and the laser show of the Victoria Harbor with a glass of cocktail? Not only that, you will also sail under the Stone Cutter’s Bridge to the impressive flood lit container terminals at Tsing Yi, which is truly a unique experience!

◇ Sun to Sat: 20 persons or below $13000, +$650/extra head
◇ Maximum capacity : 35 guests
◇ Hop aboard and drop off at Central Pier, Wan Chai HKCEC or Tsim Sha Tsui Pier.
✅ Victoria Harbor 8PM Laser Show
✅ Food (All-Inclusive Menu)
✅ Drinks (Alcoholic & Non-Alcoholic, Including Cocktails)

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All the packages look really attractive, right?

Hesitate no more and book them right now!

Click HERE to enjoy our fast & easy booking process!

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